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Poll: SSj2 Kid Gohan is The Most Badass Character in DB? (24 votes)

Yes 50%
Other 50%

During Cell arc gohan actually got more popularity votes than goku himself tho he lsot his former glory he once was the very best this show has the offer as Akita perfectly used him in the correct manner by building him all the way from Raditz to Cell himself, as their any character who got such a perfect story line who is a bigger Badass than Kid Gohan?

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I’d say it’s between SS2 Gohan or Ultimate Gohan, but seeing Gohan grow up to be a badass kinda makes it obvious for me.

The others have badass transformations and badass lines here and there, but Gohan consistently had that vibe imo.

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Future Gohan IMO. The last stand against the android was both badass and heartbreaking.

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SSJ2 Kid Gohan had a boring fight.

I'll go with Goku himself. Or Future Gohan.

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I‘d say the most badass DBZ character was Goku when he first became a Super Saiyan.

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  • Majin Vegeta
  • SSJ1 Goku
  • SSJ3 Goku
  • Ultra Instinct Goku
  • Vegetto (any)

Not sure if SSJ2 Gohan really beats some of these.

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I would say Gogeta in fusion reborn was IMO.

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Future Trunks (not Dragon Ball Super) is the best character in my opinion, then SSJ4 Goku.

I also consider Future Gohan to be the best Gohan by far, as he is the only smart one not making stupid decisions.

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Saiyan Saga/post Saiyan Saga Arc Vegeta was the most badass character in my opinion. Followed by

  • Frieza Arc Goku
  • SSJ Goku (Frieza Arc)
  • Future Trunks Android Saga
  • SSJ2 Gohan
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1. SSJ2 Gohan

2. SSJ Namek Goku

3. Ultimate Gohan

4. Future Trunks

5. Future Gohan

Pretty crazy that the character portrayed as IMO the most badass was also portrayed as the silliest and dumbest.

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SSJ Goku from Namek is the most badass. Gohan was really dumb and almost lost the battle despite being vastly more powerful than his opponent.

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Is this even debatable? Hit curbstomps everyone.

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Goku (King Piccolo Arc)

SSJ2 Gohan

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cell saga Vegeta

Ultimate Gohan

Jiren yeah I said it

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Get out of here Cell you already got your ass wooped by a kid

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SSJ Goku (Namek)

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Future trunks freakin spirit bomb sword gg