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Spider-Man: Far From Home is only about a year away. So now it's time to start speculating.

What we know so far:

- Tom Holland is returning.

- Mysterio will be the main villain, and Marvel wants Jake Gyllenhaal to play him.

- The movie will "span the globe" and take place partially in London.

- Ned Leeds, Aunt May, MJ and Mr. Delmar will be back.

- Michael Keaton will return as Vulture.

- Iron Man won't be back.

Now, without further ado, let's get down to what may or may not happen in this sequel.

Nick Fury will appear

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Samuel L. Jackson has been spotted on set, and may have just teased his appearance in this movie. While it could be a flashback or a hologram, Fury could certainly appear, since Iron Man won't be back.

Captain Marvel will take Iron Man's place

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According to Kevin Feige, Brie Larson's Captain Marvel will "lead the MCU going forward". Since that was Iron Man's duty, it makes a lot of sense Captain Marvel could take his place as Peter Parker's mentor in Far From Home.

Mr. Delmar is more than just a side character

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Since Spider-Man: Far From Home will span the globe, it's surprising Mr. Delmar, the bodega owner, will be in it. It's possible he's something more than just a sandwich guy. My theory is that he could be an undercover SHIELD agent, or maybe even a villain in disguise.


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A casting call for a "femme fatale" as the female lead for the movie has been issued. In addition to this, possible plot leaks have pointed to Jessica Drew's inclusion in the movie. She'd be a great fit!

Mysterio and Vulture team-up

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If Vulture is returning, chances are he'll team up with Mysterio.


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This is extremely unlikely, due to the film, but even if they can't merge the character with the MCU, they can still introduce their own version of the character.

Mysterio's boss is either Norman Osborn or Doctor Octopus

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Mysterio is a good villain, but I don't see him working alone. Potential plot leaks have pointed to Mysterio working for someone. If so, it should be a classic villain like Norman Osborn or Doctor Octopus.


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Scorpion was set up in the post-credits scene of Homecoming, and I could see Mac Gargan becoming one of Spidey's most frightening villains in this sequel, especially if Vulture returns.

Donald Glover will return as the Prowler

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Glover had a brief role as Aaron Davis in Homecoming. In the Ultimate Comics universe, Davis is the prowler, and his nephew is Miles Morales. It'd be cool if he returned as the thieving antihero in the sequel.

It'll set up a "Sinister Six" team-up

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The Sinister Six haven't been seen in a movie, so the MCU should totally bring them in, whether it's for Spider-Man 3 or a Sinister Six solo movie. It could fuse the MCU and Sonyverse.

A Miles Morales Cameo

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While I wouldn't bet on the kid actually becoming a "Spider" in the movie, I would bet on a cameo as just a normal kid.

So, what do you guys think? Do you want these theories to come true? Comment!

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Too soon for Miles. Hope Fury and Osborn are true

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Wow. A Sinister 6 movie would be epic. That would be one hell of a final act in a triology.

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I'm still not calling her MJ

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Neat. I'd like to see most of these things.

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  • I don't like the Captain Marvel rumor
  • Venom seems unlikely
  • Waaayyy too early for Miles
  • Jake as Mysterio is awesome although I could also see Christian Bale doing it.
  • Sinister Six sounds great

I hope that Marvel continues to use villians that haven't been used in films before going forward. Doc Ock is cool and all but I really wanna see Kraven pop up for the third film against a more experience Parker.

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I will commit suicide if Miles Morales ever becomes a hero in the MCU.

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I don't see Captain Marvel replacing Tony or Venom being integrated into the MCU.

Miles having an appearance seems plausible, it might be like in IM2 with Tony saving Peter as a young child (although we'll explicitly know he's a future superhero this time).

The Sinister Six set up is the most feasible theory here, perchance we see Vulture and Scorpion in the film (I doubt we'll see them in their actual suits though. Maybe after IW they escaped prison?).

I see Donald Glover returning again, but just as a side character. Regardless, isn't the Prowler going to be in the Spider-Verse film later this year? I don't see him taking up the Prowler identity in the MCU.

Too early for Spider-Woman right now, wait until Spider-Man's had at least a full trilogy and is an established Avenger first.

Yeah, I don't see why Nick Fury can't return. If Tony really does hit the bucket, then Peter will need some kind of tutelage.

Mysterio's definitely working for someone, probably will be Osborn. If Otto's going to happen in the MCU, I think they'd make it a freak accident (like in SM2 or the Spectacular Spider-Man TV series), so I don't see him being the boss of a supervillain.