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@tayssti: Another guy on youtube did calculations on the speed black panther was running in the film which involved very little assumption and a lot of straight on facts. Apparently BP ran 38mph which is arguable. Keep in mind BP was faster than cap in the film. Check it below

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@dottiestmoon: lol my estimation was not based on a lot of assumptions. He literally did the same thing I did (speed = distance/time) just in a slightly different way. That's why our calcs came so close to each others (his 38mph to my 40mph) He even used the cars length as a measuring stick like I did.

Honestly hes also making the assumption that the car was traveling 30mph. He is using that as his base for his calculation because thats the underpass's speedlimit, not because he actually calculated the cars speed. People consistently travel faster then speed limits so that could potentially be a big assumption. Slight changes in the cars speed would increase or decrease BP's running speed in his calculation.

Both of us made slight "assumption". We have to because we were not actually there. I wouldn't call them assumption though because both of us used evidence and tools to come up with our numbers, we didnt just randomly guess.

Not that i think he is wrong. Like i stated with my calc earlier, around 40mph is a very close approximation.

And I disagree that BP was faster then Cap or Bucky. There is no evidence of this. In fact there is more evidence supporting they were equals to each other. All three of them were pacing each other and not gaining any ground on one another.

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Here's a new calculation:

That's a 2007 Eurocopter H125, weighing in at 3,000 pounds and capable of producing 712 horsepower gives it aprox 550 kW of takeoff power (at sea level). This allows it to have a maximum takeoff weight of 6,000 lbs.

We can assume that the aircraft is hovering at a constant horizontal plain, otherwise the Captain and his arm would have been airlifted into the clouds. At hover mode, the helicopter will use 50% of its maximum engine thrust.

The most efficient angle of attack, in order to achieve a maximum lateral pull, would be 22.5 degrees. But the aircraft looks dead level. Thus it would be limited to the maximum angle of attack of about 12 degree, which is the maximum rotor tilt angle in helicopters.

At a 12 degree angle of attack, in order to maintain the same altitude, the helicopter had to have been using about 76% of its maximum engine power. Or 26% towards the lateral movement; which equals to about 780 pounds.

Makes sense since the helicopter failed to rip the steel railing off.