Smash, Marry, Kill

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Who would you smash, marry, kill:She-Hulk, Talia al Ghul, Black Cat?

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Marry - Talia

Smash - Black Cat

Kill - She-Hulk

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Smash- Talia

Marry- Black Cat


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Smash Talia, marry Black Cat and kill She-Hulk

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Kill Jen. Smash Black Cat. Marry Talia.

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Unless worthy Talia would be a horrible choice. So smash

Felicia is a bit crazy but she's the best to marry.

Kill Jen because now a days she's a bit too angry...and would probably Smash me when we disagree on where to eat

Also I never got these. Why would I not "smash" The person I marry as well?

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Smash Talia

Marry Felicia

Kill Jennifer

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Marry Talia

Smash Felicia

Kill Jennifer

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Smash-Black Cat

Marry-She Hulk


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Who wants to marry a woman who had her son killed

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Keep it a buck. Y’all ain’t smashing she-hulk? Just to see what it’s hitting for?

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I say

Marry- Jen

Smash- Felicia

Kill- Talia

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Kill Talia. Evil, manipulative, conniving witch. Get her off the board. Don’t smash her because she’ll probably stab you in the back, and DEFINITELY don’t marry her.

Marry Jen. Clearly the best woman here. She’s a lawyer for crying out loud. Then you get to smash She-Hulk every night (or probably get smashed)

Smash Black Cat. She’s the one night stand you’ll never forget. You’ll idolize that time you spent and think she’s the one. But in reality she is too toxic for a marry. She just makes a good smash and nothing else.

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Marry: She-Hulk. Jen is a smart and successful lawyer and has a great sense of humor that would make for a good long term relationship. I feel I'd get along best with her.

Smash: Black Cat. Absolutely gorgeous but I don't think I could trust her enough to date.

Kill: Talia. She's a manipulative villain who, out of these three, is the most likely to kill me if things don't go just right. Maybe even if they do.

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All the people saying marry She-Hulk, smash Black Cat, and kill Talia are the only ones who made the correct choices.

The rest are probably just thinking with their penises.

She-Hulk is probably the least attractive of the three, but her personal life was the closest to the real life norm. Marrying is about compatibility in the long term and given everything else equal, She-Hulk's the best choice.

Black Cat... criminal and therefore untrustworthy.

... I don't even think we need to talk about Talia.

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This is lame ?

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Inb4 lock

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This needs some black females too

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Anyway I chose I die. Marry Talia? dead. Smash Talia? Ra's, Damian, her or some random league of shadows member looking for clout kills me. Kill Talia? I hope Ra's finds me before Batman does.

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@smxlr8 said:

This is lame ?

@richubs said:

Inb4 lock

Somehow this dumbass childish thread has lived this long but a certain retarded mod named Morpheus is quick to lock normal threads that actually encourage general discussion

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Smash Talia-I could go for my genetics becoming a super assassin

Marry Jen- she's a lawyer and can provide a good living, plus . . . things

Kill Black cat-just cause

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Double L