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Rules and FAQ

The following was taken from threads created by Methos and Gambler, I have condensed and updated the information to make it easier for you to understand! Other staff and mods will also contribute to this list as needed.
thanks guys

1. No Nudity, Violence Or Sexually Explicit Photos, Videos Or Similar

Simple rule, this is a child friendly site with young users. No porn or Hentai ALLOWED!. Also no images or videos showing violence over a PG rating.

There is no middle ground on this rule, it is firm and steadfast. Breaking it will have the mods coming down on you hard. if you have a picture and you're not sure about it, either use your common sense, or if you're lacking that then PM it to a Mod and ask them.

2. No Profanity

Again, there is no middle ground on this one... if you swear your post gets deleted, if you keep doing it after getting warned then the mods will come down on you. Try to edit if you really need to swear add a *** to it.

3. Don't Use Slurs Against Someone's (Supposed) Race, Creed, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Etc.

Using terms that fall under these makes you seem especially ignorant, and well, boring... we've heard it all before so don't bother with it...

any abuse against other members of The Vine will get you a warning.

4. Adding To The Vine‘s Encyclopedia, But Not Sure How...?

There's a lovely button at the top right hand side that says "Help" either click on that or follow this link, failing that, ask a Mod, we're always here to help.

5. No Threatening People

Pretty basic fact here, whether you think your joking or not do not abuse or threaten users, immediate bans will ensue if this occurs.

6. Drama

Don't cause it, don't get caught up in it. Keep the threads free from it! Mods will crack down on you if you create a thread designed to stir drama.. keep it cool man.


This includes any threatening behavior or insults towards other users. Mods have to deal with it you will get an immediate ban, no warning. We do not tolerate abuse.

8. NO Piracy

Pretty basic, do not add links to illegal downloads. Don’t talk about downloads or promote them on the site. It can get the site in a lot of trouble and also cause massive issues for the staff. You may talk about multimedia sites, but don't link to something where members are forced to download content.

9. Issues With Other Viners/Members

If you have a problem with another user we can not stress enough to use the Flag system, when you post you will see a flag button use it, Moderators are on top of the flagging system as much as possible and we will deal with the issue at hand. Try to make sure to utilize that button and not attack the user in question, be the bigger man or woman, flag em and ignore em!

10. Trolling & Spamming

Will get you banned… Simple as that. This site is for all users to enjoy and this kind of behavior ruins it for everyone.

11. Use The SEARCH Function!!

Its at the top of the threads and easy to find, using it will help you to not have your thread deleted or locked! that way all your hard work put into making the thread will not go astray!

Quick guidelines for making a thread:

  • Spell all names correctly in the subject line.
  • Do not put in punctuation marks in the subject line
  • Use proper spelling and capitalization in your posts.
  • Limit your thread making, try not to spam the forums with daily threads, think before you create! we want the site to be full of awesome, not packed with pfff
  • Capitalize all proper nouns and at least the first word in the subject line
  • BE SURE that you post your thread in the proper forum or sub-forum. You can find these by going to the main page for that character/team, etc & clicking on 'forum' down the left-side.
  • If you create a battle thread make sure to not only read the rules of the battle forum but also and we stress this LINK CHARACTERS!! it makes it easier for people to find!

12. Think Before You Type

Remember that the artists, writers etc are real life people, be aware of what you say about them.

13. Mods Are Here To Help

If you have any kinds of issues or do not understand what to do that’s what the mods are here for. We will support you with anything you need.

Also if you have ANY ISSUE with a moderator feel free to talk to them direct in PM and include a staff member, or if you feel its necessary take it straight to a staff, you do not have to put up with any kind of abuse from moderators and staff are here to moderate the moderators.



14. English, Please

While we understand users come from all over the globe this site is English based and needs to be kept that way.


16. Submissions

If you're looking for a page that really needs work then head over here and work on one that really needs info from people in the know...

Basically it's easy to get points here: do quality submissions and you get the points for them. simple as that.

For those complaining that their submission got rejected, it's probably for one of three reasons...

1. You're plagiarizing another site... NOT ACCEPTABLE HERE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE

2. The level of spelling and grammar was unacceptable.

3. The information was incorrect.

Let me put this straight, if you continually mess with the database content you WILL be put on a Wiki ban and you won't be able to edit any more pages, the points will mean nothing to you.

Now that we've got that out of the way here's a few hints for the serious submitters out there that will help them work on site content and have their submissions approved quickly and easily...


we can't stress this enough, so many submissions we get are complete nonsense because people don't read through the submission first and it's riddled with stupid mistakes and terrible spelling.

17. Warnings and Bans

Mods will issue you with a warning if you are flagged or if you are disrespecting the rules of the site. Three warnings will be issued before you are banned, bans will start with a forum ban then move onto an IP ban, if you receive a warning heed it, you do not want to get banned. In extreme cases you can be banned straight away, this is not inclusive of any abuse towards other members. Mods make the decision based on your actions, this can vary from member to member as we try NOT to ban and allow people to change, your actions speak for you.

18. Flagging Posts

A lot of people just PM the mods when they see something offensive in a post. There is a flagging system in place.

Q: When is it OK to flag something?

A: If there are expletives/swear words that aren't semi-censored.

Q: When is it NOT OK to flag something?

A: Just because you don't agree with something, it does not mean you get to flag it. For example, Battles threads often grow heated. You should provide a valid argument; don't flag a post just because you don't agree with someone else's argument.

Q: What happens if my post is flagged?

A: If your post is flagged and the Mods deem it necessary, then you will receive a warning. If you continue, you will receive either a forum ban (you wont be able to post in the forums) or an IP ban (you will not be able to log on to the site).

19. Karma Points

When you flag a post, both you and the poster receive a "Karma Point." If a Mod agrees with the reasons for the flagged post then both users keep their karma points. If a Mod disagrees with the flagged post then the Viner who was flagged will lose their karma point, but the person who raised the flag will keep a Karma Point.

If you reach a total of 5 Karma Points you will lose your ability to flag posts. If a user reaches 10 Karma Points, then you lose your ability to post in the forums. Every day all users lose 1 Karma Point.

Enjoy the site , its here for all of us who share a love of comics so use it well!