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This was a really good read.

We get to see Knull, there is probably a large event with him coming (just what we need)

The art was great, Surfer was an absolute beast and had tons of featz (can already feel them debunked or wanked by forum people).


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I don't really think there is much to debunk in the way of showings.

I'm honestly pleased Cates has a very good voice for the Surfer, definitely better than his writing on Thanos. He seemed to genuinely care for the character, treating him with discretion and respect.

Knull's appearance caught me off guard.

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seems like this was how norrin radd turn into the fallen one in the thanos wins storyline

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These are legit feats

If Superman being multiversal is considered accurate by some here

Then i don't think silver sufers feats will be ignored here