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Things like Red Hulk jumping to the moon? Do you think its cool or not? Things like the Hulk punching time. Or Superboy-Prime punching reality.

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I'm never a big fan of feats like this unless it's some kind of cosmic being, I don't read many higher-tier series though so it doesn't affect me much.

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PiS happens...If it dont affect story alot its not bothering me.

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I don't care if a Hulk can jump to the moon, as long as there's not some story afterwards where he can't clear a building.

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Comic fans like superlatives for some reason. They want their favorite character to be the strongest, smartest, fastest and so on.

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Depends on the character and what he or she deals with on a consistent basis

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If the character is a higher tier and their feats are consistent I see no problem with it.

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No, if I could jump to the moon I wouldn't want anyone to wish I couldn't, that would be rude...

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@mideonnviscera: unfortunately that is the way it is with Hulk, one minute he can breath in space and underwater, the next hes drowning while fighting atumma, he beats sentry then loses to thing etc... I love hulk just wish for another wrighter like Pak

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Scientifically yes, but I read fiction so I don't have to deal with such details.

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There's always a limit on strength, otherwise every time someone with absolute limitless strength moves, reality will distort even with the slightest breath of air.

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As long as it's consistent with the character and isn't being used as a deus ex machina, I love high end feats.

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@superdrummer: I agree. The logical part of me says yes, but then I remember it's all make believe and science fiction.

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You shouldn't be able punch holes in reality but planet busting and starbusting are okay.