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so much for that

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do people relly even buy comics anymore?

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sorry, I posted this  and it was put into the wrong forum and then I deleted it.  However, I saved the original text!


I'd like to hear people's opinions on how comic buying has changed over the years.  When I was younger, it was really common for teens and young adults to buy comics.  We'd get them all over the place.  Corner stores, drug stores, book stores, everyone had them.  Typical titles would be spiderman, superman, etc and also more kid oriented stuff like ritchie rich.  Now my general impression is that comics are much more of a niche market.  What do you think replaced the comic book?  The internet?  iPods and dvds?  Generally speaking I would say that comics aren't as popular as they used to be (Im talking 80s! sorry for the old reference lol).  I could be wrong.  What are your thoughts?


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The comic book fell out of favor as reading was being bombasted, and super heroes were being parodied in popular shows. 

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The freaking price