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Was initially going to start a poll but realized it was too long so i instead decided to do a topic!

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Don't remember s lot of deaths, also because I watch a lot of light hearted animes, but the death of asuma in naruto was sad, especially with his pregnant wife.

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the Death of Panty

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Euphemia's death from Code Geass. Damn, that went side ways realy quick.

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@thenoobstomper: Even Lelouch's was emotional. Hell, Code Geass has a lot of very emotional deaths, Shirley's gave me man tears.

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Otonashi in Angel Beats, right after he signed his donor card.

Also Jiraiya.

And Pyrrha Nikos.

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@castiel_18: Really cool to see that scene with updated visuals. Thanks for sharing!

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Tomoe in Samurai X trust and betrayal.

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FMA (2003) Hughes death.

Maybe Kenshin in Samurai X Reflection.

Shirley in Code Geass.

Those are the first to come to my mind right now.

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Spike from Cowboy Bebop

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judeau's death during the eclipse.

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Nothing beats Kamina's Death scene.

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Chairman Netero's death in HxH was pretty sad. Definitely bummed me out for a while

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some deaths were only sad cuz of the flashbacks that came after them, so thats not what really makes the death sad, and thats why jiraya has a special place in my heart lol

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Jwwprod already nailed this list.

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@wut: No i mean actual anime deaths,not those meme deaths.