Rich good guy popularity contest NOMI

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Comics and movies have plenty of evil millionaires who either got their fortune unethically or are using said fortune in a despicable way.

But there ARE good rich people in fiction who uses their ton of money to help people. So let's have a contest to figure out which one is the most liked.

Name up to two rich good guys for the upcoming contest.

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Tony Stark

Bruce Wayne

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Winston Deavor

Power Girl

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Willy Wonka

Forrest Gump

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Oliver Queen

Jay Gatsby

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Professor Charles Xavier

Jonas Venture Jr (Venture bros)

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Scrooge McDuck

Black Panther

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Richie Rich

Uncle Pennybags

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Sakamoto Tatsuma

Jirōchō Wasabi

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Mr Roarke (Fantasy Island) he may not be rich, but he owned an island

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as of now I can not think of another

Give me time.

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Charles Xavier

Black panther

Bruce wayne

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Fred from big hero six