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Respect Solomon Grundy

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General Information

  • Name: Cyrus Gold
  • Alias: Solomon Grundy, Grundy, Marshland Monster, Solly
  • Hometown: Slaughter Swamp, Gotham City (Formally)
  • Team(s): Injustice League, Infinity, Inc.
  • Bio: Cyrus Gold, a wealthy merchant with questionable morals, found himself with a knife in his gut and his life fading from him. This event has been portrayed in multiple ways, but the end result is always the same, Gold's body was tossed into Slaughter Swamp where it would rest, forever. That was until something inside Slaughter Swamp brought Gold back to life; however, he didn't return to Earth as himself, but as an undead monster who knew nothing except that he was born on a Monday. He was, is, and will be, Solomon Grundy.

Table of Contents

  1. Grundy Timeline
  2. Versions of Grundy
  3. Original Grundy [Pre/Post Crisis]
  4. Avatar of the Grey [N52]

1.0 Grundy Timeline

Solomon Grundy is a character with a bit of a convoluted timeline and it can be a tad confusing to try and understand it. So here's a quick bullet-point timeline to try and explain it in the easiest way possible.

  • All-American Comics #61 - The first appearance of Solomon Grundy. He emerges from Slaughter Swamp on Earth 2 and fights Alan Scott. This is the beginning of his hatred for Green Lantern and his encounters with the JSA/JLA.
  • Superman #301 - After being buried by a train, sent to the moon (twice), and sent to the middle of the Earth, Solomon Grundy was trapped in Slaughter Swamp by the combined powers of Alan Scott and Hal Jordan during an Earth 1/Earth 2 crossover event. In this issue Earth 2 Grundy escapes the swamp and travels to Earth 1 (using comic magic) where he fights Superman. During the battle pieces of him fall off and wash into the sewer. Superman then brings this Solomon Grundy to the moon. Meanwhile...
  • Superman #319/320 - ...Parasite had obtained a Power Prism that he combined with the pieces of Grundy in the Metropolis Sewers. This created a new Solomon Grundy (he had no Earth 1 counterpart; this is the closest he gets) that gave Superman (and on one occasion, Batman) trouble for years. It also made things confusing because there were multiple Solomon Grundys running around, but it eventually stopped because...
  • DC Comics Presents #8 - ...S.T.A.R. Labs made a serum using a sample of the swamp water to kill the Parasite made versions of Grundy. There were literally 60 of them at one point. From this point onward there is only one Grundy, that is until we discover...
  • Starman #49 - ...that one time when Grundy was sent to the moon (early on in his career on Earth 2) he died, but then was brought back to life by Swamp Thing(s) influence. So this meant, at one point in time, there was a version of Earth 2 Grundy on an abandoned planet (this one), a version of Earth 2 Grundy on the moon (because of what happened in Superman #301), and then 60 Grundys in Metropolis. That's a lot of Grundys. If this is confusing for you then skip all of this and just look at...
  • Infinity, Inc. #39 - ...this issue where his entire back story is explained in like 20 pages. It's helpful. Now you're up to date. Mostly.

Okay, so this explains a bit of the Solomon Grundy timeline, at least up into the start of his post COIE life. What we learn from this is that his fights/feats/etc., from his first appearances up until COIE all happened and are still contained in his origin, so we'll so those in his fights/feats section.

Now that you're clearly an expert of the confusing life of Solomon Grundy let's explain something else. The fact that every time he dies he is reanimated as a new version of himself.

2.0 Versions of Grundy

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Hot damn, that's a lot of Solomon Grundys.

So, like I said, every single time he dies he comes back as a new Solomon Grundy. This is something that writers have tossed into his story from time to time to explain the different varations we've seen throughout his history. It explains the inconsistencies in his power levels, his personalities, everything.

Here is a quick run-down of the most important/fleshed-out versions of Solomon Grundy:

  • Earth 2 Grundy - This is the first Solomon Grundy who is essentially a team-buster. He was stronger than Superman and his defeat was often due to BFR as opposed to being killed. This version eventually died, but has appeared multiple times since his death.
  • Parasite Grundy - This is the Earth 1 Solomon Grundy that was created by Parasite. He was originally tough (given extra power by the Power Prism) but then got kind of weak. 60 of these Solomon Grundys were killed by Superman (because they kept popping up) and another one was killed by Batman after he LOCKED HIM IN A FURNACE AND WATCHED HIM BURN.
  • Good Grundy/Solly - A good version of Solomon Grundy was discovered by Starman. This Grundy was pretty meek and non-hostile but had some serious strength. He was eventually killed in an arc where several heroes went into Solomon Grundy's mind and met all the versions of him. It's worth noting that every other version of Solomon Grundy HATES Solly.
  • Savage Grundy - A more aggressive version of Solomon Grundy. He's more like a ravenous Zombie and less like an undead criminal. He's shown up several times. It's usually either this one or one like the original that gets brought into the world after death.
  • Intelligent Grundy - There was one Intelligent Grundy who was saw in Star Man who was stuck on an uninhabited planet. He had absorbed some of Swamp Thing's energy and it made him smarter. There was also an intelligent version in the Justice League of America story arc 'The Tornado's Path' who wanted to transfer his soul into an Amazo body to prevent himself from dying and coming back as one of his dumb personas.
  • Black Lantern - During Blackest Night a Black Lantern version of Grundy appeared briefly.
  • Avatar of the Grey - This is the N52 version of Grundy. He's got additional powers as the Avatar of the Grey and is more intelligent than his normal versions, capable of speech and full sentences.

Okay, I think that's it. It's not a definitive list but it's something to help you when you're looking at the feats. Speaking of which, lets dive into those.

3.0 Original Grundy [Pre/Post COIE]

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Every single significant Solomon Grundy fight will be listed below and the entire fight will be posted. A brief description of each fight as well as any remarkable feats or showings (strength/durability/etc.,) will be provided.


All-American Comics #61 - Opponent: Alan Scott; 3 different times. // Strength: Slaps around Alan Scott with ease. // Durability: Shows a resistance to Alan's power ring. This is due to the wood infused with his skeleton. Is hit by a train (isn't killed, just buried deep underground).

Comic Cavalcade #13 - Opponent: Alan Scott. // Stamina: Chases Alan Scott through several states. Wouldn't tire if he hadn't been injected by a concentrated chlorophyll solution.

All-Star Comics #33 - Opponent: Alan Scott & JSA // Strength: Rips a tree from the ground and uses it as a weapon; lifts a giant boulder; almost kills Alan Scott.

Justice League of America #193/All-Star Squadron #1 - Opponent: Wonder Woman, Alan Scott & Flash (Jay) // Strength: KO's all three of them without much issue; throws a tree; pulls Wonder Woman towards him after she lassoed him // Durability: Resists the Lasso of Truth; shrugs off Alan's energy blasts.

All-Star Squadron #1 - Opponent: Shining Knight // Strength: Overpowers Shining Knight and defeats him in battle.

All-Star Squadron #3 - Opponent: Atom & Robotman // Strength: Throws Atom // Durability: Goes blow for blow with Robotman.

Justice Society of America #2 - Opponent: Black Canary // Strength: Throws Black Canary around; flips over a car. // Durability: Resists small firearms; soaks up damage from Black Canary's hits.

Justice Society of America #7 - Opponent: JSA // Durability: Takes multiple hits from Flash; takes multiple hits from Alan Scott; is dropped from the sky by Hawkman // Speed/Reactions: Is able to counter-attack Black Canary; is able to react to Flash & counter-attack him.

Showcase #55 - Opponent: Doctor Fate & Hourman // Strength: Rips up a tree and uses it as a weapon; breaks free from ice generated by Doctor Fate's magic; KO's Doctor Fate and Hourman. // Energy Absorption: Subconsciously absorbed Green Lantern energy + Fate's magic and has access to limited energy based powers.

Showcase #55 - Opponent: Alan Scott // Strength: Rips a bank vault open. // Energy Attack: Throws Radioactive Wood at Alan Scott to KO him.

Showcase #55 - Opponent: Alan Scott, Doctor Fate and Hourman // Durability: Damage soak from Alan Scott, Doctor Fate and Hourman.

JLA Year One #2 - Opponent: Justice League (Barry Allen & Black Canary) // Strength: Knocks down a building. // Durability: Takes multiple hits from Flash (Barry); takes a Sonic Scream from Black Canary and is seemingly unaffected // Speed/Reactions: Counter-attacks Flash (Barry).

Justice League of America #46 - Opponent: Justice League of America // Energy Attack: Uses attacks imbued with energy from Doctor Fate's magic and Alan Scott's power ring. // Durability: Takes hits from Flash (Barry); is dropped into a mountain but survives.

Justice League of America #47 - Opponent: Blockbuster // Strength: KO's Blockbuster (both are KO'd by each other).

Justice League of America #91-92 - Opponent: JLA & JSA // Strength: Pummels Superman; almost defeats both JLA & JSA, forces them to retreat. // Durability: Takes hits from Superman (thanks to general durability and magic); takes hits from Flash (Jay) who states he is hitting him a million times a second. // Energy Attack: Breaks free from Green Lantern's (Hal) energy bubble due to previous energy absorption; weakens Superman with absorbed magic. // Speed/Reactions: Counter-attacks Flash (Jay).

Justice League of America #92 - Opponent: Hal Jordan and Alan Scott // Strength: Throws a giant boulder.

Superman #301 - Opponent: Superman // Strength: Pummels Superman multiple times; almost sinks a full-sized ship by pulling it underwater. // Durability: Takes several hits from Superman without showing any signs of damage. // Speed/Reactions: Catches Superman several times.

All-Star Comics #63 - Opponent: Wildcat, Power Girl and Superman // Strength: Sends Wildcat flying with a single hit. // Durability: Takes a hit from Power Girl; is dropped in a volcano to try and contain him.

Superman #319 - Opponent: Superman; 2 times // Strength: Sends Superman flying around with his blows. // Durability: Withstands Superman's hits without being phased. // NOTE: This is the Parasite created Grundy that was amp'd with a Power Prism, but really he's similar strength wise to the one we saw in Superman #301 who was not amp'd.

DC Comics Presents #8 - Opponent: Superman // Strength: Knocks Superman unconscious.

DC Comics Presents #8 - Opponent: Superman // Strength: Gets a solid blow against Superman.

Wonder Woman #272 - Opponent: Huntress // Strength: Tosses Huntress around w/ease; KO's her twice.

Infinity, Inc. #3 - Opponent: Infinity, Inc. // Strength: Takes out Obsidian and Jade, briefly; goes toe to toe with Nukleon. // Durability: Massive damage soak from every member of Infinity, Inc., isn't knocked out, just contained in a construct bubble.

Infinity, Inc. #36 - Opponent: Frostmaiden & Icicle // Strength: Throws a massive chunk of ice at Frostmaiden and Icicle.

Swamp Thing #67 - Opponent: Swamp Thing // Strength: Kicks the complete and utter crap out of Swamp Thing while possessed by Sprout. // Mental Resistance: Grundy is fighting off Sprout's control which is why Swamp Thing gets injured as badly as he does.

Infinity, Inc. #46 - Opponent: Floronic Man // Strength: Nearly kills the Floronic Man, has to be blasted off of him by Jade.

Infinity, Inc. #53 - Opponent: Harlequin // Strength: Throws Harlequin against a rock with such force that it kills her.

Infinity, Inc. #57 - Opponent: Mister Bones & Skyman // Strength: KO's Skyman with a punch; KO's Mister Bones. // Durability: Is unaffected by Mister Bones cyanide touch.

Superman/Batman #3 - Opponent: Batman // Strength: Almost drowns Batman, would've if he wasn't under mind control by a prideful individual.

Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4 - Opponent: Alan Scott & Jade // Strength: Pummels Alan Scott to near death, throws a tractor.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #39 - Opponent: Batman // Strength: Makes Batman bleed. // Durability: Stated to be immune to gas, flares and knockout darts.

Starman #10 - Opponent: Starman // Strength: Punches Starman around a bit. This is Solly, the less aggressive Grundy.

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #4 - Opponent: Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E. & Captain Marvel Family // Strength: Punches members of the Marvel family around; throws a car. // Durability: Takes blows from the Marvel Family; gets hit by an energy attack, doesn't faze him; S.T.R.I.P.E. injures his fist after punching Grundy.

Starman #70 - Opponent: Mikaal Tomas // Speed/Reactions: Senses a missile being fired at Mikaal and jumps in front of it before it can hit him.

JSA #29 - Opponent: Stargirl & Jakeem Thunder // Strength: Tosses an entire train-car. // Durability: Resistant to Stargirl's energy blasts. // NOTE: He is affected by Joker Venom I believe, but I don't think that changes his feats any.

Green Arrow #18 - Opponent: Green Arrow // Strength: Tosses a car. // Durability: Survives multiple arrow wounds. // Note: For some reason this Grundy is killed by being suffocated. This makes no sense, even for a different version of Grundy, because he is an undead foe. The writer here done goof'd.

Hawkman #33 - Opponent: Hawkman, Hawkgirl & Monolith // Strength: Tosses a manhole cover like a Frisbee; sends Monolith flying with his punches/kicks. // Durability: Tanks blows from Monolith and the two Hawks.

Supergirl #1 - Opponent: JSA & Supergirl // Strength: Breaks a few of Wildcat's ribs; pummels Alan Scott.

Green Arrow #53 - Opponent: Green Arrow // Durability: Survives four arrows that have enough strength to take down a Rhino, but gas doesn't work on Grundy.

Green Arrow #53 - Opponent: Chrissie Cavendish // Strength: Tosses a giant monster (Chrissie) around, throws a MASSIVE boulder at her. // Durability: Easily survives being tossed through trees; survives being thrown away an unknown distance (above the treeline).

Superman/Batman #27 - Opponent: Power Girl // Strength: Punches Power Girl around quite a bit.

JSA Classified #32 - Opponent: Alan Scott // Strength: Pummels Alan Scott a bit. // Durability: Alan Scott bounces right off Grundy after flying into him, Grundy is unfazed.

Superman #676 - Opponent: Superman & Alan Scott // Strength: Has the upper hand on Superman until Alan Scott arrives; stresses Alan out when he tries to contain him in a construct, citing how strong Grundy is.

Faces of Evil: Solomon Grundy #1 - Opponent: Killer Croc // Strength: Rips Croc's Jaw apart, leaving him bleeding out in a graveyard. // Durability: Get's bitten by Croc and thrown around a sewer, just makes him angrier.

Solomon Grundy #1-2 - Opponent: Etrigan // Strength: Goes blow to blow with Etrigan; punches through Etrigan's chest. // Durability: Goes blow to blow with Etrigan; survives being thrown into a bridge; tanks several hellfire blasts.

Solomon Grundy #2 - Opponent: Bizarro // Strength: Sends Bizarro flying with a punch. // Durability: Tanks a massive electrical attack.

Solomon Grundy #4 - Strength: Uses his strength to destroy Alan Scott's power battery.

Solomon Grundy #5 - Opponent: Amazo // Strength: Rips Amazo's head off; punches through Amazo. // Durability: Goes blow to blow with Amazo. // Regeneration: Reattaches limbs are being dismembered; it's an important note that this fight is happening in Slaughter Swamp, the same place that gave Grundy his power and where he regenerates whenever he is killed.

Solomon Grundy #6 - Opponent: Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Alan Scott and various S.W.A.T. members // Strength: Breaks Alan Scott's force field. // Durability: Easily withstands automatic gunfire; survives being shot by holy water bullets; survives getting his head blown off; took Michael's Sword to 'kill' him. // Regeneration: Reforms after being blown apart by Frankenstein's weaponry; again, this fight takes place in Slaughter Swamp.

Superman/Batman #67-68 - Opponent: Bizarro // Strength: Pummels Bizarro; rips out Frankenstein's heart. // Durability: Has to be flown into the sun to be killed. // Context Note: This is Black Lantern Solomon Grundy.

Batman Hidden Treasures - Opponent: Batman // Strength: Pummels Batman several times; uses a log as a weapon.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12 - Opponent: Red Hood, Artemis & Bizarro // Strength: Almost kills Red Hood via slamming him around and attempts to finish him off using a fire hydrant; draws blood from a weakened Bizarro. // Durability: Eats bullets like they're nothin' because they're exactly that to him, nothin'.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay #11 - Opponent: Suicide Squad // Strength: Single-handidly defeats the majority of the Suicide Squad; steals Bane's signature move and 'breaks' him. // Durability: Survives a jet being dropped on him, which then explodes, without any signs of damage.

4.0 Avatar of the Grey [N52]

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Earth 2 #4 - Opponent: Hawkgirl, Flash (Jay), Alan Scott & The Atom // Strength: Manhandles Hawkgirl; goes blow for blow with Alan Scott. // Regeneration: Gets his face ripped apart by a punch, it instantly reforms. Reforms after being hit by several energy blasts.

Earth 2 #6 - Opponent: Hawkgirl, Flash (Jay), Alan Scott & The Atom // Strength: Contains Flash (Jay), Hawkgirl and The Atom with his tendrils/vines. // Durability: Isn't killed when brought to space, just left floating around.

Earth 2 #15.2 - THE GREY: Grundy in this universe has the ability to use 'The Grey' to drain life from things and force them to rot/decay. Here he does it on plant life and human life.


Solomon Grundy has made appearances all throughout the tier list, sometimes getting bested by street levelers while also being able to take down some serious powerhouses. His major downfall is his intelligence and inability to prioritize a target in a fight. In many of his encounters with the likes of Superman and Green Lantern we see him doing a fairly good job, but when an entire team gets added he doesn't know who to focus on.

He's a good brick character in the DCU and I'd love to see more of him develop as time goes on; his N52 counterpart with the powers of 'The Grey' was also pretty incredible, and maybe moving him in that direction would make him a more dangerous threat than the brawler zombie he's most commonly seen as.

As usual; correct any feats if they're portrayed out of context, suggest characters who you'd like to see next, and have a great day!

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Someone actually did it. Great

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Someone actually did it. Great

Hahaha, glad you like it!

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This is great!

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Nice format.

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@king-ragnar: Thank you, I'm still trying to figure out a format that works best for these Respect Threads, but I'm glad you like it!

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Hats off for your research alone.

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Hats off for your research alone.

Thank you!

I always make sure to read every single issue that the character appears in and then take notes regarding the context and compare it to other write ups (wiki-entries, articles, etc.) to make sure I get everything as accurate as possible!

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Awesome RT, Grundy is really underappreciated on the battle forums.

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@eeef said:

Awesome RT, Grundy is really underappreciated on the battle forums.

He really is; I think much of it is to due to people only seeing the versions of him that were taken down by Green Arrow or Batman, not understanding his lore/abilities.

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Never really liked Grundy but I was bored so I decided to read over this RT cause why not?

And I have to say this is fantastic work. Awesome job.

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Never really liked Grundy but I was bored so I decided to read over this RT.

And I have to say this is fantastic work. Awesome job.

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it even if Grundy doesn't appeal to you!