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Respect The Shaggy Man

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General Information

  • Name: Shaggy Man
  • Alias: Shaggy Man
  • Morality: Villain
  • Teams: Injustice League
  • Bio: The Shaggy Man was a science experiment gone wrong. Created by Professor Andrew Zagarian using a material known as plastalloy, the Shaggy Man is a pseudo life form. He has been an enemy of the Justice League since his first appearance and is one of the strongest foes they've ever faced considering he is impossible to kill and adapts to attacks used against him. Shaggy Man was Doomsday before Doomsday was cool.

Let's dive into the RESPECT.

Table of Contents

  1. Shaggy Man Timeline
  2. Versions of Shaggy Man
  3. Original Shaggy Man [Pre & Post Crisis]
    1. Handbook Entries
    2. Fight History
    3. Regeneration
  4. The General [Post Crisis]
    1. Handbook Entries
    2. Fight History
  5. Robotic Shaggy Man [N52]
    1. Fight History

1.0 Shaggy Man Timeline

The Shaggy Man has been around since the early days of the Justice League; so, what's he done and how'd he even appear?

  • Justice League of America #45 - This is the first appearance of the Shaggy Man. He was created by Professor Andrew Zagarian and is the typical result of science gone wrong. The Justice League has Zagarian create a second Shaggy Man during this issue to combat the first so they'd wind up in an endless cycle of fighting. This is because the Shaggy Man cannot be defeated since it regenerates from every attack and adapts to things.
  • Justice League of America #104 - Hector Hammond uses his telepathy to take control of one of the Shaggy Men. He teleports this one to the JLA Satellite. It is defeated by the Green Lantern who traps it inside of a tiny jar because apparently that's something he can do. They store this Shaggy Man in the Watchtower. The second Shaggy Man is still where it was left in Justice League of America #45.
  • Justice League of America #186 - The Russians tried to use the second Shaggy Man as a weapon. They lured him to Russia to try and control it but it didn't work out. During a battle with the Justice League this Shaggy Man eventually gets sent to space. Eventually is comes back down from space (during COIE) and is blown apart by Speedy. This doesn't kill the Shaggy Man, but after COIE the whereabouts of the second Shaggy Man are unknown.
  • JLA #24 - #26 - General Wade Eiling is diagnosed with a brain tumor that'll kill him. To prevent this he sends some metahumans to recover the first Shaggy Man and does a procedure that puts his consciousness into the Shaggy Man's body. He calls himself 'The General' and becomes an enemy of the Justice League. He is defeated by the JLA after the teleport him to an asteroid belt where he stays for a month or two, waiting to exact his revenge.
  • JLA #34 - #36 - The General is recovered from the asteroid belt by Lex Luthor. He combats the JLA again and is defeated when one of Orion's war dog's charges into him and traps the two of them into the Ghost Zone.
  • Suicide Squad #1 - #7 - Eventually 'The General' is saved from the Ghost Zone and becomes a member of the Suicide Squad (the 2007 run) but it's written so terribly (his powers are dramatically reduced with NO explanation) that I'm not including it, as it isn't consistent with all of the other showings of the Shaggy Man.
  • Justice League of America #4 - 6 - The N52 Shaggy Man appears once and is no longer a living being, but a robot created by Professor Ivo.
  • Aquaman #7 - 9 - In Rebirth the Shaggy Man appeared in Aquaman where he almost destroyed all of Atlantis before Aquaman teleported him to Neptune.

There you have it; your Shaggy Man history lesson.

2.0 Versions of Shaggy Man

There have been several versions of the Shaggy Man in DCU history. Let us review them.

  • Original Shaggy Man - The original Shaggy Man created by Professor Zagarian. He is the one controlled by Hector Hammond at one point and his body is used by General Eiling when he becomes 'The General'. In Rebirth the original Shaggy Man seems to be back, as Aquaman references that the JL fought him a long time ago.
  • Second Shaggy Man - A duplicate created by Professor Zagarian to combat the original. He is sent into space after a fight with the Justice League and arrives back on Earth for COIE. He gets blown up by Speedy. It is theorized that the body of this Shaggy Man was used by Simon Stagg when he turned his henchman, Java, into a Shaggy Man. It is likely given that General Eiling did the same with the first Shaggy Man.
  • The General - The body of the original Shaggy Man but the mind of General Eiling. Eiling also shaved all of the body hair off of it.
  • Third Shaggy Man - Another Shaggy Man appeared alongside Lex Luthor during the wedding of Black Canary and Green Arrow. He was taken into custody by Amanda Waller and was sent to the prison planet during Salvation Run. His fate aside from that is unknown.
  • New 52 Shaggy Man - A robot created by Professor Ivo that can take a massive amount of damage, but pales in comparison to the original Shaggy Man.

Cool? Cool.

3.0 Original Shaggy Man [Pre/Post Crisis]

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3.1 // Handbook Entries

These are your standard Handbook entries, but they're fun, so have at it.

Onto the FIGHTS.

3.2 // Fight History

The Shaggy Man has never been killed or defeated by KO/Knockout. He is only beaten via distraction or BFR, lets look at the Justice League's attempts to best him.

Feats here include the Original Shaggy Man, Second Shaggy Man (clone), Rebirth Shaggy Man.

  • Justice League of America #45 - Opponent: Justice League of America, Moon Being and Shaggy Man II
    • Strength: Rips a tree from the ground; can destroy the Moon Being which the Justice League was failing to do.
    • Durability: Adapts to the first method used to contain him when Flash attempts it a second time.
    • Speed/Reactions: Punches Flash (Barry).
  • Justice League of America #104 - Opponent: Aquaman & Black Canary, Atom & Batman, Hawkman & Green Arrow, Superman & Justice League
    • Strength: Slaps Aquaman and Black Canary around; KO's Atom & Batman; pummels Superman; breaks through a Green Lantern (Hal) construct.
    • Durability: Shrugs off a hit from Aquaman; immune to radiation from Key's Radiation Rifle; resistant to Gamma-Gong; shrugs off multiple hits from Superman; survives entry through Earth's atmosphere.
  • Justice League of America #186 - Opponent: Justice League of America & Russian Army
    • Strength: Punches through a missile silo wall.
    • Durability: Resists sonic scream; shrugs off hit from The Atom with ~18,000 lbs of force behind it.
  • Aquaman #8 & #9 - Opponent: Aquaman & Atlantis
    • Strength: Beats Aquaman to the point where he's hospitalized after the fight; backhands a massive truck.
    • Durability: Withstands barrage of energy blasts; becomes immune to Aquaman's trident; gets teleported to Neptune and survives.
  • Wonder Woman #25 - Opponent: Justice League
    • Strength: Can't be restrained by GL constructs (off-panel/statement).
    • Durability: Is fine after being hit by Wonder Woman at Mach 3
    • NOTE: He seems to get KO'd here but it's unknown, also unsure why he'd be KO'd given that this is after his encounter with Aquaman and his showing of adaptability and regeneration was higher, I chalk this up to bad writing as Shaggy Man has never been KO'd.

Only four fights here but they're long fights. All really good showings for Shaggy Man too considering he's never physically beaten.

3.3 // Regeneration + Adaptability

Shaggy Man instantly regenerates from any damage he takes and also becomes immune to things that harmed him after they've hurt him once or twice, making him the OG Doomsday.

  • Justice League of America #45 - Regenerates an arm that gets blasted off by his creator, Professor Zagarian; regenerates seven arms, three feat and four heads during his fight with the Moon Being.
  • Justice League of America #104 - Regenerates his entire body in mere moments. He does this during his fight with Superman in the same issue multiple times.
  • Aquaman #8 & #9 - Regenerates after multiple "fatal" traumas; instantly heals from being stabbed by Aquaman's trident and then adapts so he can't be stabbed by it again; is stated to not just be healing himself from every attack but also adapting to become stronger and immune; adapted to the sensors being used by the Atlantians and made them backfire by inducing feedback.

Instant regeneration and instant adaptation makes it impossible to kill the Shaggy Man. If you thought Solomon Grundy or Doomsday were pains in the a#%, then avoid this guy.

4.0 The General [Post Crisis]

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4.1 // Handbook Entries

While he may not have a traditional handbook entry he has a Justice League file made for him.

  • JLA #24 - Here he's listed as a planetary threat, which, given what we saw of him in those previous fights, is accurate.
  • JLA #37 - Superman also mentions that he's invulnerable, self-regenerating and unstoppable.

So, lets see exactly how true these statements are. TO THE FIGHTS!

4.2 // Fight History

The General is a smarter mind inside the same body of the original Shaggy Man. Is he a more effective combatant?

  • JLA #26 - Opponent: Justice League of America
    • Strength: Sends Superman flying with a punch.
    • Durability: Tanks attacks from the entirety of the Justice League of America, they fail to slow him down; feels no pain.
  • JLA #37 - #39 - Opponent: Superman, Steel, Martian Manhunter and Orion
    • Strength: Manhandles Superman.
    • Durability: Is immune to Orion's Astro-Force.

I'd say so. They only "beat" him by teleporting him to other locations. Like his previous version he regenerates and adapts. So I won't be adding a section for that as it's seen in some of the fight(s) listed here.

5.0 Robotic Shaggy Man [N52]

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5.1 // Fight History

This version of the Shaggy Man only has on fight, but he shows additional powers.

  • Justice League of America #4 - #5 - Opponent: Justice League of America
    • Strength: Pummels Martian Manhunter; Pummels Hawkman.
    • Durability: Goes blow for blow with Martian Manhunter; resistant to Katana's blade; hairy hide makes him resistant to energy attacks; resists Vibe's frequency/vibration attacks.
    • Additional Powers: Utilizes fire breath that harms Martian Manhunter.

So he's not as good as his original version, but still a team buster.


Shaggy Man is one of DC's best brick type characters. His regeneration and adaptibility make him impossible to defeat in straight up combat. The only time a Shaggy Man has lost is BFR. Seeing him in Rebirth was nice and I'm glad he still packs the same punch he did in his earlier days. I hope we see more from him!

As always, if a feat is misrepresented let me know and I'll fix it and if you have a character suggestion for the next thread let me know!

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Coming back with a vengeance

Gotta make up for two years of absence, haha!

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@thetruebarryallen: Dude you made a resolution of creating one awesome respect thread every day?

BTW Shaggy Man also appeared in Rebirth in Wonder Woman #25, chronologically after his encounter with Aquaman. He was engaging the two lanterns Baz and Cruz, Cyborg, Barry Allen Flash, Batman and Superman simultaneously. Dialogue implies the laterns failed to contain him. But then Wonder Woman popped up and took him out rather easily, with one high speed bullrush and a punch.

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@the_badman: Glad you liked this one too, and I guess I did decide to come back with a bang, it's only been a week and I've made four!

Also I'll go check out that Rebirth Wonder Woman issue; sounds like a good addition to the thread, strange that WW would be able to take him out though, haha.

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@the_badman: I made one for Black Alice and another for Cypher!

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