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No prep time, takes place in North Pole.

Win by death.

52 Cold.

Who takes it?

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Ross curbstomps FTW!

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Captain Cold is one of my favorite Rogues so I gotta go with him.
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Now this would be interesting fight. I could see these character interacting and talk about morality. They would talk of who suppose to be the bad guy in this battle. Forget the battle to the death I would like see which one can persuade the other from changing their life goals.

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Rogues always win..lol.

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Captain Cold

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Red Hulk's heat generation might be the deciding factor.

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Red Hulk's heat generation might be the deciding factor.


I don't really know how people can say Cold....

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Red Hulk stomps.

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Can red Hulk get past Colds freezing shields? it is pretty cold.

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This is in the wrong thread.

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Cold's field of absolute zero turns Rulk into a Rulksicle.