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From what I've heard there has been a bit of debate over whether or not the end of the "Death of the Family" story arc was what people expected of the build-up from the previous issues. Strangely, I'd say I'm on the side that believes it was a great ending to the story - read it to find out...blah blah blah.

However, this week was the release of RHatO 17 which covered the aftermath of the DotF story arc focusing on Red Hood's point of view. (Fabulous issue btw...great art, superbly written drawing in various characters and their "mind-set"..I guess but blah blah blah this isn't a review.)

The ending to RHatO is what I'm focusing on here *spoilers ^-^*

So it turns out that Joker did tamper with Red Hood's Red Hood...I guess we could have seen this coming from the spoiler from issue 19's cover, but what're-ya-gonna-do?!

The repercussions from this could be pretty big...they could use it to turn Jason into a darker, more volatile version of himself like he was back in the day - you never know, it could happen! -- doubt it.

Was wondering what other peoples thoughts on the Issue? and what this could mean for Jason? Preferred this to Batman this month!...

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Yeah, at least Red Hood's issue had some visible effect on the character. Though I imagine we'll be seeing the repercussions of the Death of the Family arc for a long time, it was lacking in punch. I'm hoping we might get a little bit more of that in the flashbacks that we're likely to see over the next while. Unfortunately, I think it's difficult to say that one outshone the other, because even if Red Hood's issue was more impactful, it couldn't have happened without Batman #17 coming before it.