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First off, I know what you all are thinking, "Obviously because it's characters that are not well known." Well that is a reason, but it is so obvious it doesnt even need to be said. Another reason is because people seem to stay inside a bubble whenever it comes to reading. Like, most Batman readers topically stay in Gotham. Same goes for the super titles. Which is fine don't get me wrong, both are superb general areas. But how many out there can tell me the origin of Manhunter, Vibe, or Katana. Sure there will be some, but generally speaking not very many people will even know who vibe is. And let me say, I have no earthly idea for the origin of any of them. Not only will the new heros scare new readers, but so will the new villains. Before I got the courage to engulf myself into the Blue Beetle series I had no idea who he was, who his villains were, or his location. It took alot for me to venture out and get that series. Do I regret getting it? Of course not. Blue beetle has became one of my favorite titles of the New 52. I will really like to see how they introduce these "new" superheroes that are going to be in JLA. I am very excited to see where they go with Vibe, Hawkman, and Catwoman being in this title. Leave below why you think it will scare "new" readers.

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Martian Manhunter, Katana, and Vibe aren't new characters.

I don't think it will "scare" new readers more than any other team book. Most people don't know every member of a team, which is why a good team book introduces the characters to new readers.

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I find the $4 price tag more scary than anything. I'm already shelling out $4 a month for Johns' other 'merely ok' run on Justice League.

Will probably follow JLA until Trinity War happens this summer and then reevaluate whether I want to stick around.

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@Decoy Elite: Yeah that's true but let's be honest. Most people know most of the Justice League. Superman is basically imprinted on the minds on children when they're born, everyone knows Batman, most people know who WW is, GL and Flash are maybe a little less known, GL is probably less known than Flash, everybody knows Aquaman because everyone knows bad fish jokes. But with JLA, there isn't really a well known character on the team except Catwoman, and most people are interested in her in relation to Batman. So i wouldn't be surprised at all if some new reader said they wanted to read Justice League because they know the characters but they didn't want to read Justice League of America because they don't.

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@spinningbirdcake: Except this is hardly the first time the JLA has been made up of lesser known characters.

I don't see this as nearly the risk for DC that others do.

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@Decoy Elite: Yeah, i don't know how well those Justice League books sold when the trinity left for instance. I don't consider this a risk though. I was just saying new readers would probably be drawn to the regular JL title before this one. JLA will have enough readers to do fine if not better than JL for a while I think.

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@spinningbirdcake: Certainly but that's the case with a lot of books.

DC just wants to hype the group as something "fresh" and "new" so that they can get the early readers in.

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I think its good there changing things up, its not like we will never hear from the original league somtime down the road. I enjoy the chance of finding a new character to follow.

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The creators have granted lots of interviews to attract attention to the book but anything with Vibe and Martian Manhunter will just go down the boom tubes fast like Justice League Detroit and unpopular pre-flashpoint former Justice League members (Green Arrow, Hawkman) won't save the book as usual.

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I think because it's got 'Justice League' in the name, people will recognise the concept and get to know the characters. 'Justice League' is a fairly well known thing, so it's less intimidating than picking up a series with a different name. If you assembled the same team and called it something like,'The Freedom Squad', it'd sell way less than if you called it 'The Justice League'.

I sometimes wonder how differently Justice League Dark would be selling if they'd just called it something else, like 'Shadowpact', as some people have suggested, and kinda would've made sense. They aren't a branch of The Justice League, and as far as I remember, the name was only mentioned once, as a joke, in the ninth or tenth issue. I also wonder how Batwoman would be selling without the 'Bat' association. She's not a member of the Bat-Family, and deals with cults and supernatural creatures. If she was just called 'Red Angel', maybe it wouldn't sell as well. They're both great titles by the way.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now. My point is, a familiar name can attract people to unfamiliar people, so I imagine new readers will do just fine with Justice League Of America. :)

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The only characters I care about in this book are Green Arrow and Hawkman. I already read their solo books, so I'm going to pass on this one.

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Well, I'm reading it becuz I frickin dig Martian Manhunter, and some other characters like Green Arrow and StarGirl.

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It's probably meant to be fairly accessible and readers will buy it even if it's not, because it says "Justice League" and "Geoff Johns" on the cover.

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martian manhunter, green arrow,katana,hawkman, and baz are the whole reason im reading this book

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I should mention that Martian Manhunter was a founding member of the JLA.

... like, back in the 60s...

So he's not a new character. In fact, I'd argue that people know about him more than others because of the Justice League cartoon series - same reason why non-fans seem to recognize John Stewart over other GLs.

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I'm an actually new reader, and JLA appeals to me precisely because I don't know most of the characters and this is a much cheaper way of being introduced to a whole bunch of them at once than trying to hunt down individual stories. Just my .02.

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I think it will actually attract a lot of other DC readers - this is because Martian Manhunter is such a great character, and the team looks to bring some interesting dynamics to the table. How about Martian Manhunter reading Catwoman's mind? That'd be awesome, hilarious, and it would bring a very interesting issue for them to deal with - Catwoman's trust issues.