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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Tite Kubo (27 votes)

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Today's rate the mangaka segment features Tite Kubo, the creator of a popular supernatural shounen series that features the tale of a young man who becomes a Grim Reaper and ends up playing an important role in trying to balance the nature of the human world and the spirit world known as Bleach.

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I’m ready though.


The Good

Tite Kubo is arguably one of the best character creators we have. There is barely a single character in Bleach you couldn’t argue for a spin off where they are the main character, villain or a principle character in a series focusing on their back ground alone. Every fight ends with you learning something about a character that makes him or her that makes them unique (which is a Shonen staple) despite most characters being linked to a specific faction or group in the setting. Theres almost no one in bleach you don’t wanna know more about….(except that Banzai Aizen guy).

The abilities: take any 3 quinces, soul reapers, vizards, hollows or whatever the hell Chad is. They have very little overlap in capabilities and rules to their powers. They are unique in both power and rules of their abilities but somehow interact and exist seamlessly in the same world.

Backstories and setting of this world are incredibly unique and you really wanna find out more about everything and all the politics of the world.

Character interactions. Even the home characters and the .minor characters have dynamics that make you want to see more of them together even if they don’t have anything to do with one another. And characters with connections are always having great moments that portray growth without focusing to heavily on how they got their from their last appearance.

The Bad

Ichigo- He is incredibly bland and every attempt at giving him more personality then caring, straight laced anti-hero usually contradicts with something we already know. He is , and I say this with confidence, THE LEAST INTERESTING CHARACTER IN HIS OWN SERIES! His backstory goes from good, to fair, to a convoluted attempt to keep him relevant in the plot of his own manga.

Every arc could've been the entire direction of the series but instead chose to only half explain why the conflict was happening and end it abruptly before doing something completely unrelated in the next arc. The substitute soul reaper plot line couldve gone on for years before introducing the soul society. The soul society and its corruption and classism couldve been the entirety of the series. Even the weird ass post Aizen stuff couldve been a whole new story. But everything was immediately wrapped up more often then not without us even being sure whether characters are alive or dead.

Aizen- He is the best and second worst thing in the series. In a series where we know everything about why everyone did everything….no one has a clue where this guy came from, how he got so strong and what made him want to be the soul king.

Also Kubo hates drawing backgrounds. It’s like hes mad at them or something.

The manga couldve ended a bunch of times, but that's usually just what people say because things end so poorly that more of the same doesn’t seem necessary.


Characters are great , backstories are great and interactions are great. But as cool as the setting and characters are you never learn as much as you want to learn about them before Kubo ends the arc in the middle of 3 fights because he seemingly gets bored with what hes writing and wants to do something completely different.

As a story teller he's just ok. As a creator hes excellent at character design and Background and relationships. But he also hates drawing background.

I give him a 3/5 because the characters and worlds are so great and unique conceptually even from things within the same work which is a truly great skill.

But his follow up with plotlines and details are as incomplete as his background. He's only getting a 3 because with the follow up novels theres hope of filling in the blank on a lot of his story stuff….but because its Kubo.. .it will likely just be all new villains and abilities that look great before he get tired and doesn’t want to do anything else with him.

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That anime where the filler is better than the canon? 6/10 for the filler, 8/10 for the first arc as a solo, and 4/10 for the canon as a whole.

I like the art style though.

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3. started off really interesting but lost me as it went on. Also power levels were all over the place.

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3 out of 10

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Voting 2 instead of 1 only for that first arc.

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Wow at the negativity here... I'm wondering what Mashima would get basing of the critics here on CV.

Anyway, 7/10 for me. His artwork and design are really good, but the way he writes does take points from his total score.

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6,have good start,but later story arc is disappointment.especially when aizen been beaten.and yhwach too quickly been beaten(i mean ichigo one-shot him........)

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Ok but for real 6 or 7/10.

Great art style, made great characters, can make great storylines, only fault that kills him is that he didn’t care for the series.

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5.5/10. The guy's character designs are top notch, arguably some of the best from Jump. This is no surprise, as Kubo himself has always called himself an artist first, and basically wrote stories as a way to incorporate more of his designs. His storytelling on the other hand...

Kubo is someone who I regard as a mangaka with enormous potential, but unfortunately never lived up to it. I think most would say he peaked around the soul society arc, and his main character was one of the least interesting characters in the series. But the whole concept of the Soul Society and how wars were taking place in a spiritual realm that humans were unaware of was pretty unique. I just wished he explored the setting more instead of recycling plots. Bleach could have rivaled One Piece in world building if he tried a bit harder. But I also know that editors were on his neck a good portion of the time, one example being him having to stretch the arrancar arc out because of the popularity of the Espada, so there's that. So summed up, I wish it was better because it had a lot of potential with an interesting concept, but it just wasn't, and you should watch Yu Yu Hakusho for a better product.

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That anime where the filler is better than the canon? 6/10 for the filler, 8/10 for the first arc as a solo, and 4/10 for the canon as a whole.

I like the art style though.

Was this the post that got you banned?

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Say what you want about Kubo, but the guy is an extremely talented artist and his characters look cool visually. That and the whole Hispanic culture vibe(especially for the Espada and Hueco Mundo) adds some nice flavor that is really unique and refreshing.

He just seems to be a really cool dude in general, I heard back when he had a Twitter he'd actively talk to fans and even draw the characters for them, then he deleted his Twitter for some reason. He also rushed Bleach's ending after a letter from a fan touched him despite the fact he wasn't in great health(he had a fractured arm or something like that). Guy legitimately cares about his fans so that's pretty cool.

I'll give him a 7 for all that because the story did have its low points.

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Ehh I’ll give him a 6/10.

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He just loved to spit in Toshiro's face. It's like he hates the character. I do give him props for making cool character designs especially Yoroichi. But dear god Ichigo is such a bore. Soul Society arc was good and I enjoyed the Arrancars but the rest is meh.

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6/10. Good start with AoS arc and took it to another level with SS arc. But the HM was a little redundant, the FKT arc dragged on too long and the Deicide Arc was a disappointment. I liked the idea behind the Fullbring Arc but not the execution (pun not intended) during the end given that it was rushed and the shingami stole the spotlight from the characters that needed it the most at the time, Chad and Orhime, seeing as they were Fullbringers (thanks Hitsuguya fans).

The TYBW arc started out great up to the end of the first invasion. But as soon as Byakuya was revealed to be alive (thanks Byakuya fans) things went downhill from there. Sure there were some cool moments here and there (Ichigo reacting to Krinji, Nimaya vs the Elite Sternritters) but between the insanely slow pacing (no lie there's at least 18 chapters dedicated to showing the remaining side characters trying to enter the Royal Realm...and to make matters worse, pretty much 90% of them did nothing once they got there), the terrible "my ability is the perfect counter to your ability" battles, too many OP hax abilities, plotholes, unresolved plot threads, and shafting multiple characters so the same four captains could hog the spotlight again (looking at you Hitsuguya, Kenpachi, Mayuri, and Byakuya), this arc was easily the worst out of all of them IMO. Which is really saying something about how bad the 2nd invasion was seeing that the first invasion was seriously good.

And honestly, while Kubo has an innate ability to bring good ideas to life, his sure fire way of expanding on those ideas is to create new ideas and repeat ad nauseam, usually to the detriment of the original ideas.

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He's an amazing artist but below average story teller. 5-6/10 I guess.

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7. Kubo has good characters and art, but his storytelling is pretty bad. The SS arc and HM arc were basically the same, and the fullbring arc was complete and utter trash

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Kubo's art is really good and he can come up with interesting characters, but as far as plot/story-wise goes...

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I think the biggest thing about Kubo that explains his sub-par storytelling is that he's an artist first and an author second. I genuinely believe he just made the story as an excuse to draw the characters and draw cool fights and based on the interviews I've read with him this would seem to be the case.

I also don't think he thought that a battle manga really needed a complex story so long as it had cool fights, and that may also be another factor for it. I base this off the fact he said he didn't want anything like romance in an abundant amount throughout the series since it was a battle manga, and that awesome battles are what you should be reading it for. It could have just been an attempt to stop the massive shipping wars Bleach had going on before it finished(I've heard it was REALLY bad, specifically between Orihime and Rukia fans.), but I think that was his honest opinion based on how the story was.