Rate the mangaka : Makoto Yukimura

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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Makoto Yukimura (8 votes)

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4 25%
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Today's rate the mangaka features the mangaka Makoto Yukimura. Known for his critically acclaimed works, the space drama known as Planetes & The Viking war drama, Vinland Saga, the latter featuring art in it's later parts that rivals, in my opinion, the work of the comic book artist, Gary Frank, in detail.

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#2 Posted by GXrevs06 (5236 posts) - - Show Bio

Toriyama>Togashi and Oda. Fight me

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#3 Posted by KillerQueen (439 posts) - - Show Bio

He gets a solid four.

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#4 Posted by Omega_kai (3175 posts) - - Show Bio

I haven't read any of his works.

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