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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Kentaro Miura (18 votes)

1-Lowest 11%
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3 11%
4 28%
5 - Highest 50%
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Today's rate the mangaka segment features the man behind a critically acclaimed and fan favorite horror fantasy manga about a beast of a man, cursed to live the rest of his life being hunted by demons, trying to hunt down the man he once considered to be his closest friend and had an army of demons slaughter everyone he held dear. The title is popular and for featuring some of the best art in the manga industry, showing all the details of this dark story (Although I still prefer Makoto Yukimura's art. Fight me) while having a compelling story and memorable characters.

This manga is known as Berserk and its author is Kentaro Miura.

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#2 Edited by GilgameshThePimpToEndAllPimps (2736 posts) - - Show Bio

easiest 5/5 of my life. Can't think of a single thing wrong with Berserk's god-tier writing and artwork, hiatus' be dammed.

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Stupid hack who plays too much idolm@ster


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Has he done anything else other than Berserk?

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@magian: He has ircc but they're pretty much one-shots when he still wasn't a hit with a general audience.

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#6 Posted by FaradaySloth (10599 posts) - - Show Bio

Easy 5/5

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Easiest 5/5 ever

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@magian said:

Has he done anything else other than Berserk?

Aside of a few one-shots he did before Berserk, his only other work is the short, 7 chapters long, Gigantomakhia. It's a pretty good read IMO.

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3. If any series would benefit from having color, Berserk is it. I find a lot of the art muddled and confusing. Which is a shame because there's some great detail in some of the character work.

As for the writing, it's plain meh. I stopped reading shortly after the children of the lost valley arc because nothing was interesting at all. Guts especially is just boring and lacking in likable traits.

Overall it's okay.

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#13 Posted by jashugan (6652 posts) - - Show Bio

Of the two manga Miura has written that I've read, he's a 4/5. He's a good writer, berserk is good but Gigantomakhia is alright.

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@ovy7: Ohh yeah, I remember hearing about it some time ago.

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Who said Berserk is only dark shit

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