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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Katsuhiro Otomo (13 votes)

1-Lowest 8%
2 8%
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5 8%
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7 8%
8 31%
9 31%
10-Highest 8%
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In honor of the news that he is finally returning to writing and drawing manga after spending years on making films (this time he'll be working on a Meiji Period Japan title. I'M SO EXCITED, I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!), Today's rate the mangaka segment features Katsuhiro Otomo. He is the creator behind two critically acclaimed Science Fiction Thriller manga filled with Psychic Battles and Political and Social intrigue known as Akira and his lesser known work, Domu: A Child's Dream.

Here's a list of previous "rate the mangaka" segments

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Solid 8-7, haven't seen much of his work, and admittedly i still need to watch Akira, but the high quality art of both the manga and film give him a high rating by itself.

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10/10 - kino


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7/10, Akira was cool

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Undecided so far, though I'm liking a lot of what I've read from the first 4 Akira volumes.

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8 or 9/10. Akira is a masterpiece, his art is phenomenal. Domu is a lesser work, but it is fine

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10, one of the all-time greats, but still not my favorite (that’s Rumiko Takahashi). Akira is my highest rated manga, though.