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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Kaiu Shirai (3 votes)

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Today's rate the mangaka features the writer behind one of Shounen Jump's latest fresh titles in a while known as Kaiu Shirai. Said mangaka is known for The Promised Neverland which tells the tale of orphans trying to get away in secret from their "mother" who intends to feed them to a group of demons when they reach the age of twelve and later on trying to figure out how the world ended up that way.

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Haven't read anything about him, but the concept of TPM sound intriguing, gonna watch the anime.

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Never got around to it, is it actually good?

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8 just like how this is the 8th best selling manga this year.

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@queen_marceline: World Building has been sparse for the first 30+ chapters since all the action took place in one location but has shown remarkably smart details in the objects in the location.

Character mapping is better than Tsugumi Ohba for having a wider cast of smart and well defined characters in a thriller manga although less badass moments for each character.

Twists are good as well.

Art, well you already know how I feel about other mangakas' art after Makoto Yukimura so I wasn't that impressed.

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@yassassin: Well, it is a pretty good Shonen manga.

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