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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Kagami Yoshimizu (3 votes)

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Today's rate the mangaka segment features Kagami Yoshimizu, the man behind the slice-of-life-iest slice-of-life manga known as Lucky★Star, which follows the daily lives of an otaku girl (whose habits sound like something a stereotypical basement dwelling man in his 30s would do) and her group of friends and absolutely nothing else ... Sounds boring. I can't believe actually liked this show back in middle school.


Hey, people, wanna see high school girls dance to a really catchy tune?

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#3 Posted by Billy Batson (60897 posts) - - Show Bio

This is that meme


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#4 Posted by Yassassin (7703 posts) - - Show Bio

Never even tried the manga for Lucky Star.

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#5 Posted by FaradaySloth (10627 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh no why re-introduce that opening to me, can't have the FBI going on me again.

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#6 Posted by Helloman (30115 posts) - - Show Bio