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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Hiromu Arakawa (14 votes)

1-Lowest 7%
2 0%
3 0%
4 50%
5 - Highest 43%
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Today's rate the mangaka segment features one of the most well received mangaka as of today, known mostly for her shounen manga about two brothers trying to bring their lives back to normality through their search for the Philosopher's Stone while uncovering a plan that could cause the end of all life know as Fullmetal Alchemist. She is also the mangaka responsible for the country slice-of-life manga, Silver Spoon, which was also well received.

Said mangaka is known as Hiromu Arakawa.

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Solid 4+

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5. absolutely 5/5 in my opinion one of the few superb shounen manga (along with hxh).

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4, despite creating my favourite piece of fiction, her relatively basic artwork Brings her as a Mangaka down for me.

Also can you tag me for these?

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Like Gilgamesh said, her basic artwork is probably the only thing holding her back, I'd give it a 4.5/5, although I feel more of a 5 than a 4.

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Lol Dam, the art is the killer.

Great story, great characters, excellent interactions. The problem is just that scenery isnt as detailed as it could be and ALOT of very similar faces.

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Pretty good


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Easily a five. I can't honestly put any other mangaka above her except for maybe Inio Asano or Naoki Urasawa.

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3.5 or 4