Rate the mangaka : Hajime Isayama

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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Hajime Isayama (20 votes)

1-Lowest 0%
2 25%
3 50%
4 25%
5 - Highest 0%
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(Apologies to those who felt that I may have acted a bit too harsh to some people who posted in the last segment)

Today's rate the mangaka segment features the author behind one of the biggest hits in manga and anime for the past few years (almost as big as The Holy Shounen Jump Trinity and Dragon Ball, I believe) where mankind struggles winning a war against giants who would like to make a quick bite out of them in a fantasy steampunk setting.

This manga is Attack on Titan and it's author is Hajime Isayama

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Honestly the mythos and suspense is great when we start learning things.....but at certain points especially when new characters are introduced it feels like the whole thing slows down. I stopped reading so i'm going 3.

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2. Can't stand AoT. I've tried watching it twice, always stop around the...6th(?) episode - it's just so.... uninteresting to me

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#5 Posted by Gokluma (9218 posts) - - Show Bio

3 at most since kinda like titan idea from him but gotten bit boring and whole titan lord is bit awkward

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3/5, AOT was interesting at first, but now it’s blring and forgettable

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3. I like the art, dislike the rest lol

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4. one of the best plots.

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#12 Posted by ValorKnight (12858 posts) - - Show Bio

A solid three.

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#13 Posted by Mike_Fowler (5366 posts) - - Show Bio

4. Man’s really come into his own in regards to how he’s shifted the series, and it’s made SnK one of my favorite mangas to read

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#16 Posted by JamesWayne (1002 posts) - - Show Bio

4, really unique story. Not as flashy as some jump manga but it doesn’t fall to the same pitfalls that are associated to those manga either.

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3-4. There are certain things about it I really like, such as the world, atmosphere, etc. I like that people could die at any point for the most part, so if a character is in a dangerous situation it makes things more tense. Although I did kind of stop reading/watching for a couple reasons. One of the biggest ones being that Eren as a protagonist is kind of meh to me. I'm open to being convinced otherwise but I still just felt he was kinda...there...and that Levi overshadowed him.