Rate the mangaka : Eiichiro Oda

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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Eiichiro Oda (28 votes)

1-Lowest 4%
2 0%
3 0%
4 0%
5 4%
6 14%
7 0%
8 25%
9 18%
10-Highest 36%
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8.5/10. INB4 people trying to claim he's 10/10.

He's a great writer and artist, but people tend to over-exaggerate him a bit.

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3/5. it has gotten way way way too repetitive for me

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He has great art and characters, but the story is pretty repetitive with the Strawhats going island to island beating up bad guys.

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He's still great, but definitely overrated IMO.

Bloody hell, his fans calling him GOda is just cringe.

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#7 Posted by SocaJunkie (9376 posts) - - Show Bio

8.5-9/10, Goda.

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8.5/10......very surprised me is even after running so many issues,he still could maintain good story though have some repeative

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10/10 easily the most distinct and fun Japanese series I've ever read. From art to character work to world building. One Piece is amazing all around. I don't know how he works magic on such a tight schedule.

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10 not debatable

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@mekboy said:

He's still great, but definitely overrated IMO.

Bloody hell, his fans calling him GOda is just cringe.

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7 to 8

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I wanna say 8 but it could be higher consindering One Piece is over 900 chapters long, it's genuinely impressive how he's able craft and tell such a magnum opus of a story on a week to week basis.

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8 at the very least, if not a 9.

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Personally I'd still rate other Mangaka's over him IMO such as, No doubt he's in the top 5 though.

Takehiko Inoue - (Vagabond)

Kentaro Miura - (Berserk) - *When he can be arsed to release chapters that is*

Makoto Yukimura - (Vinland Saga)

George Murikawa - (Hajime no Ippo)

Another favourite author of mine who's probaly not well known is: Boichi - (Sun-ken Rock / Wall-man)

Obviously everyone's list will differ to mine, but out of all the manga i've read these guys are top shit. Masashi kishimoto should've stopped Naruto after Pain ARC. Else he'd of been higher.

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Is he overrated? Oh yes!

Do I care? Hell no!

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The only consistent criticism I've seen is the story being formulaic and repetitive what with going island to island but I don't take this seriously because if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

As far as criticism I'd give: Luffy has had little character development since the start of the series, character moments like the PTSD he suffered post-Marineford but no proper development.