Rate the mangaka : Akira Toriyama

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Poll: Rate the mangaka : Akira Toriyama (39 votes)

1-Lowest 8%
2 0%
3 21%
4 31%
5 - Highest 41%

Making a segment thingy that I'll be posting on an infrequent basis where we'll be looking at several popular mangaka (Person who makes manga) who viners will be rating based on their enjoyment on said Mangaka's work.

Today I'm starting with likely the most famous mangaka of all time, mostly known for giving the world the Dragon Ball franchise, Akira Toriyama.

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Toriyama gets the highest marks possible as a true innovator and trend setter in the manga industry. Dr. Slump is the funniest comic I’ve ever read. And his artwork is phenomenal. Paneling is a very unique skill. A lot of people call him lazy but in reality the man wrote and drew a new issue every single week for 11 straight years. He never missed a deadline once. The only exception is after the 23ed budokai, he took one week off.

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Fairly average as a mangaka overall. He’s certainly an innovative world builder but his plots can be frustratingly simple and his use of characters has been criticised for certain characters not being used enough. Gohan, Tien and Majiin Buu to name just a few. He definitely has talent but his ideas can get repetitive.

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4 out of 5

DB may not be something to write home about when it comes to depth of storytelling and complexity, but the impact it had on the entire medium is enough to put Toriyama-sensei at the top.

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#4 Posted by Quinlan58 (2086 posts) - - Show Bio

The man knows exactly where his talents lay and always plays to his strengths. I'll give him a 4.

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Anime wouldn't like is today in the west if wasn't for this man

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4 His writing is garbage but he was honestly one of the best comic artist ever.

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@quinlan58 said:

The man knows exactly where his talents lay and always plays to his strengths. I'll give him a 4.

Well said. However, with the standard for anime rising it would be good if he branched out a little.

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#8 Posted by Billy Batson (60941 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty pretty pretty pretty good


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#9 Posted by Yox (349 posts) - - Show Bio

5 man knows how to play the game good

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His writing 2 his art 5

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Bumper stickers.

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4 - mostly due to the impact DBZ has had

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Honestly if we look at it objectively in retrospect and without including its infamy for help sculpting the shonen genre.

Then its a 3 or low 4. Especially post sayain saga where it got so repetitive that its laughable.

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Toriyama couldn't write to save his life so he stuck to gag manga.

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The poll only goes to 5?

10000000000000000+ easily.