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Poll: Rate the Japanese Animation Studio: White Fox (7 votes)

1-Lowest 0%
2 14%
3 0%
4 0%
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6 14%
7 14%
8 57%
9 0%
10-Highest 0%

Today's rate the Japanese Animation Studio segment features White Fox. Although I'm personally not much of a fan of the studio (Mostly because Goblin Slayer and Akame Ga Kill doesn't really bring anything new to the dark fantasy table and they're not really good at executing old concepts either), their works are relatively popular with the masses. Some of their most popular works include the time travel anime known as Steins; Gate, The dark fantasy shounen series known as Akame Ga Kill, the isekai anime known as Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World and their latest release, that one series that begs you to take Goblins seriously in fantasy games (but doesn't work in my case because suck my junk, Goblin Slayer) known as Goblin Slayer.

My personal favorite show from their studio would be the the post-apocalyptic story of two lone girls trying to survive in a desolated world in their own little, adorable and comfortable ways known as Girl's Last Tour.

Here's a list of past segments:

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7. They can be rather inconsistent.

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I like them, 8-10

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They're consistent. Nothing ground breaking but it's enjoyable.


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