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Poll: Rate the Japanese Animation Studio: Studio Trigger (7 votes)

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6 14%
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8 57%
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10-Highest 14%

Today's rate the Japanese animation segment features Studio Trigger, a studio which was founded by two former Gainax employees, Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka, who were famous mostly for the series Gurren Lagann.

The studio is well known for creating the series Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia and co-making the piece of mishandled trash that would make Sigmund Freud roll over in his grave that is Darling In The Franxx.

However, my personal favorite from their work as of the moment is their latest released production, which was made a sequel to an old, obscure, early 1990s series featuring a digital hero facing off Kaijus known as SSSS. Gridman (Yes, complete with thick thighs memes and waifu wars. We're all in agreement that Akane is still the most well written character in the show, yes?)

Here's a list of past segments:

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#2 Posted by seastone98 (4669 posts) - - Show Bio

7 i have a soft spot 4 gurren lagann

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#3 Edited by FaradaySloth (9398 posts) - - Show Bio

8, great animation. However shows aren't the best.

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#4 Posted by Magian (151493 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, I'm going to agree with an 8 here. Animation-wise they are great, usually anyway, with that vibrant and energetic style of them but they do have the tendecy to lose it when it comes to story sometimes.

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#5 Edited by Jgames (8148 posts) - - Show Bio

8. While I absolutely love Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia, their other shows are alright. I mean Darling in the Franx had bland characters and copy every other mech stories. Kiznaiver was a bit too pretentious and all over the place. SSS.Gridman was enjoyable enough I guess, but not amazing by any means. You get the point. I cannot give them a 9 when I only consistently love their animation, and only two shows I love. They usually struggle with consistent tones of high energy and seriousness.

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#6 Posted by qwertyuiop1998 (250 posts) - - Show Bio

8,though they don't always the best,but always have them own very particular style.

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#7 Posted by GilgameshThePimpToEndAllPimps (2590 posts) - - Show Bio

8.5, loved Witch Academia, and really enjoyed Kiznaiver and Kill La Kill, Their other stuff is dodgy at the best of times.

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#8 Posted by Fabricolage (1918 posts) - - Show Bio

8, cause Little Witch Academia, haven't fully checked on Space Partol Luluco and Inferno Cop, and Kill La Kill.

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