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Poll: Rate The Japanese Animation Studio: Pierrot (8 votes)

1-Lowest 0%
2 13%
3 0%
4 25%
5 13%
6 0%
7 13%
8 13%
9 0%
10-Highest 25%

Today's Rate The Japanese Animation Studio segment features Pierrot. They're massively well known for animating some of the most popular shonen demographic anime as of today (but then that's not really something to be impressed about considering that aiming anime for pre-teens and younger teenagers who tend to not be the best isn't that hard ) such as two of the Holy Shounen Trinity from Weekly Shounen Jump known as Naruto and Bleach.

I'm not particularly impressed the technical aspects of their media productions and the stuff they adapt so I'd say a 4/10

Here's a list of past segments:

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#2 Edited by TheHercules (813 posts) - - Show Bio

5, beside the lack of Masterpieces Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach and Naruto are good animes!

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Ahhh Pierrot. The studio that can have awesome animation for fights but rarely chooses to do it and rather choose filler and milking out a series

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#4 Posted by Magian (151747 posts) - - Show Bio

A 6 from me.

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I'll give them an 8, when they really want to try their animation is extremely good(Part 1 Naruto vs Sasuke or Madara's entrance for example), but the quality can vary wildly. I mean, they can go from godlike animation to absolutely terrible animation that makes you wonder if they're even trying.

Also yeah, filler galore. Like seriously, Naruto and Bleach had so much filler it was insane, and most of it wasn't even filler worth watching when you're bored on a rainy day or something.

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6-7 Filler & milking is a major problem with these guys BUT wen they want 2 make a manga come 2 life (especially fight scenes) few do it better imo

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