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Poll: Rate the Japanese Animation Studio : P.A. Works (7 votes)

1-Lowest 0%
2 0%
3 0%
4 0%
5 0%
6 14%
7 57%
8 29%
9 0%
10-Highest 0%

Todays "Rate the Japanese Animation Studio" features one of Japan's rising best animation studios and is generally known for having most of their shows being original shows and not adaptations of manga. They're most popularly known for their "Working Series" which is basically about people and their personal lives and issues in a working environment such as hot springs, animation studios (Shirobako will always be my favorite anime of all time) and tourism.

Said animation studio is known as P.A.Works

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#2 Posted by GilgameshThePimpToEndAllPimps (1971 posts) - - Show Bio

7.5, whilst I personally can't get into what they produce, I can't deny they are objectively quite good at what they do.

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#3 Posted by Chronicplane (8034 posts) - - Show Bio

From what I can tell they're probably a 7 or more.

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#4 Posted by Magian (150160 posts) - - Show Bio

7. The anime they usually tend to work on, are not my cup of tea but I liked the few I got to watch.

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7 I guess, just due to me only seeing like 2 1/2 of their shows (with me dropping Angel Beast, which I might one day go back to). I mean I guess I like Sakura Quest, even though is a bit forgettable. Maquia and the promise land was a good movie with a strong emotional scene, but overall I I just have usually do not have an interest to see their anime.

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#7 Posted by Yassassin (7342 posts) - - Show Bio

Literally have never watched a single one of their shows

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