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Poll: Rate the Japanese Animation Studio: Orange (2 votes)

1-Lowest 0%
2 50%
3 0%
4 0%
5 0%
6 0%
7 0%
8 50%
9 0%
10-Highest 0%

Today's rate the Japanese animation studio segment features Orange. They have a reputation for being one of the few animation studios that are well received for their CGI work. Their most well received media production as of today would be the fantasy series following a race of gems (?) known as Land of The Lustrous.

They will also be the animation studio handling the future adaptation of an acclaimed, award winning shonen series known as Beastars.

Here's a list of past segments:

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#2 Posted by FaradaySloth (9971 posts) - - Show Bio

Never heard of them, may check them out

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#3 Posted by RikuYamaha (1514 posts) - - Show Bio

looks good tbh, i'd give it a 8.

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#4 Posted by Warlockmage (9286 posts) - - Show Bio

im gonna watch some of its work before i actually vote but based on the clips solid 7-8.

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#5 Posted by Galactic_1000 (5730 posts) - - Show Bio