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Poll: Rate the Japanese Animation Studio: Lerche (3 votes)

1-Lowest 33%
2 33%
3 0%
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5 33%
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10-Highest 0%

Today's rate the Japanese animation studio segment features Lerche, who are known for creating the anime adaptation of a manga series that tells the tale of a class living with and trying to assassinate their teacher, who is basically a nigh unstoppable creature who threatens to destroy the planet known as Assassination Classroom. They are also known for making an anime adaptation series of the popular videogame franchise known as Danganronpa. They've also made a "cute girls in a zombie apocalypse" show with their adaptation of "School-Live!"which is honestly surprisingly good with it's execution outside of the occasional sexualization of minors from two episodes (Seriously, I'm impressed with how they handled tension and twists in that show).

My personal favorite work from them would be one of their earlier, which was an OVA series that was basically a bunch of comedy skits of Type-Moon franchises, specifically from Fate/stay night and Tsukihime (And basically sets up my hype for Tsukihime and crushes it with disappointing writing, specifically from the manga. Press F to mourn for my disappointment in Arcueid Brunestud *mourns internally*).

Here's a list of past segments:

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You should have mentioned me I always love to rate japanese animation studio

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2 at best.

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Don't really like their animation tbh


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