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Poll: Rate the Japanese Animation Studio: Cloverworks (8 votes)

1-Lowest 13%
2 0%
3 13%
4 0%
5 0%
6 0%
7 13%
8 0%
9 50%
10-Highest 13%

Today's rate the Japanese animation studio segment features CloverWorks, One of A-1 Pictures branches (So you could already expect a list of patchy quality work) that separated from the main branch early last year. Their most popular work is the mecha series that I've said before is "the piece of mishandled trash that would make Sigmund Freud roll over in his grave that is Darling In The Franxx."

Right now, their latest work is one of the most innovative Weekly Shonen Jump Titles as of today , featuring a group of young children trying to survive a deadly game of cat and mouse in a world that is full of monsters and scary adoptive parents known as "The Promised Neverland"

Here's a list of past segments:

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They've been doing an excellent job with the Promised Neverland so far, so I'll give them a 9.

My only complaint about their adaptation at this moment is Sister Krone's voice actor.

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Animation wise they are very good. They do need to work a bit more on the storytelling front but Promised Neverland seems to be on the right track so far.

So an 8 from me.

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Holy Crap Promise Neverland is already out? Gotta watch.

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Wait Promise Neverland is out?

Also, is Darling in the Franxx that bad?

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Damn, I've never watched some anime of this Producer, but I'll try to answer the others!