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Poll: Rate the Japanese Animation Studio: A-1 Pictures (13 votes)

1-Lowest 15%
2 0%
3 8%
4 8%
5 0%
6 8%
7 23%
8 23%
9 8%
10-Highest 8%

Today's rate the Japanese Animation Segment features A-1 Pictures which was established back in 2005. They're well known for mass producing multiple anime shows every year (To sadly inconsistent results. Guess that happens when you don't have a consistently reliable main staff for your studios and end up overworking some people to the point they commit suicide. I mean, seriously, A-1 Pictures deserves to burn in Hell). They're known for animating some popular series like Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail.

I give them a 4 personally. Occasionally bringing up gems like From The New World and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash but it's always hidden under a dumpster pile of mediocre or plain bad media productions and terrible working conditions.

Here's a list of past segments:

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#2 Posted by FaradaySloth (10032 posts) - - Show Bio

7/10, They're ok. I sometimes like the animations during the action scenes of their anime.

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#3 Posted by seastone98 (4700 posts) - - Show Bio

Never seen they're work so I'll hold my judgment 4 now

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6/10,they sometimes is pretty good(like working anime),but sometimes they just dumping terrible junk

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Grimgar of fantasy and ash was trash, but for the most part I do enjoy their stuff like Magi, Black Butler, SAO, GATE, even Ero manga sensei. So I say an 8. Also should have given MadHouse a 9 looking back at the anime I watch from them (I just really hate Overlord S2).

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I think a 6/6.5 should be fair. When they bring their A game, they can be great bit unfortunaty that doesn't happen that often.

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#7 Posted by jashugan (6630 posts) - - Show Bio

One of the weaker big studios in terms of actual animation.

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#8 Posted by Magian (151737 posts) - - Show Bio

^ No one beats Toei on that front.

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Boku dake ga Inai Machi represents, for me! KgS is great as well!

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Considering how many anime they produce, a loss of quality is to be expected. However, even with their schedule, they are able to differentiate their art styles based on themes and moods, as opposed to simply reusing the same techniques in every one. Also they animated some of my favorite stories. So I give them an 8/10.