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7. Not great, and not memorable, but still pretty enjoyable. It had too many subplots (did we really need the Missouri mob boss?) and one of the blandest villains in recent CBMs, but it also had great visual effects and a couple really hilarious moments. It was definitely a movie I enjoyed watching.

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7 seems fair. It doesn't do anything particularly great or terrible. It was enjoyable. Some funny comedic moments, some cool action scenes and a likeable cast.

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Thought its slightly better than the first Ant-Man (2015) film, which retroactively I would score it 6.5.

The main issue I have with it is that it feels more like an extended filler episode of a TV series than a relatively standalone movie. Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest offender in this aspect of failing to become a standalone film but at least it is action-packed and if you actually invert your perspective of protagonist and antagonist such that Thanos is the protagonist and the Avengers are the antagonists, the standalone factor of the film would make a bit more sense. Antman and the Wasp doesn't even have that.

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7 at best

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Not bad but forgettable

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Nothing spectacular but a nice easy going intermission of a marvel movie between the hype of avengers 3 & 4.

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7.5/10. Pretty solid, but not great.

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7 to 7.5

I don't know why Marvel sometimes doesn't let us have a truly emotional moment.

When Pym meets his wife again the director could have made us cry if he tried but he didn't.

Any Man And The Wasp was enjoyable, yes but it could have been so much more.

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Don’t plan on watching, but might because of ghost’s actress

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The most forgettable movie in the MCU

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@ready_4_madness said:


The most forgettable movie in the MCU


Edit: And I loved the first film.

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Didn't see it/10


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5 because it sucked and it's bland and It's forgettable and it tried so hard to be funny but failed everytime

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Very enjoyable movie with great action scenes, humor, visual effects and sound design. I’d go as far as saying this movie had some of the best VFX out of any MCU film. Everything was consistent, it didn’t have one shot that seemed fake.

Other than that, the plot was kinda weak. The idea of going to the Quantum Realm to retrieve Janet was a great idea, but it wasn’t executed well enough.

The plot was basically 3 groups of people fighting over the lab. Oooo, Hank gets it! Oh wait, Ghost steals it. Yay, Hank gets it again! Oh no, Sonny Burch grabs it. Wait, Ghost just got the lab. Wait we’re good, it landed in the hands of the Pyms again. I don’t think the idea of others wanting to lab was explored enough. Let’s make the 3rd act battle 3 drifferent groups all fighting over the lab for another 20 minutes. And if you think I exaggerated a bit—I didn’t. I just watched it 2 nights ago for the 3rd time and what I just described is literally what happens in the movie. Honestly, probably one of the weakest scripts in the MCU.

There are many moments where the movie could have ended, but a character does something stupid (mostly Scott) just to make it so the lab can be stolen again. For example, Hank, Hope and Scott had the lab and were about to go to the Quantum Realm. But no, we are only at an hour of runtime. How about we make it so Luis and his crew have a business meeting in the morning and they have a small problem so they NEED to ask for Scott’s location, which ultimately led to them being tracked down again. It’s just weak writing. It’s kept afloat due to the charm and chemistry between the characters though, I think I may like the characters a bit too much, makes me forgive a weak plot. I mean, it is an Ant-Man movie, maybe all this pointless chaos makes sense?

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