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Remember this guy?

He was actually Mysterio in Raimi's Spiderman trilogy . He was going to be Mysterio in Spiderman 4 which Sony scrapped. And its pretty cool how we saw him multiple times in the trilogy interacting with Peter.

Sources - https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3541871/remember-rumor-bruce-campbell-going-play-mysterio-sam-raimis-spider-man-4/


What do you think of this? Would his Mysterio have been any good according to you?

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It would have been interesting to see Raimi's take on Mysterio, sucks that the third film ended up the way it did. I think it would have done well if it had focused on Sandman more.

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I love me some Campbell.

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The spiderman games wouldve been so confusing

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