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Poll: Q:can MCU Hulk Replicate the Locomotive Feat (19 votes)

Yes he can 37%
he Does Manege to Throw it but not as Far 21%
No He Cant 42%

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he has no feats remotely close to this level. so, definitely not

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Does manage to throw it but not as accurate and fast as Nam-Ek.

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Doesn't have any lifting feat remotely close to that. Hasn't even lifted something like a semi trailer yet let alone throwing a 200 ton locomotive that far.

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Definitely not like that. I could maybe see him being written to be strong enough to lift it up and MAYBE toss it a short distance (very short), but nowhere near this level.

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No way to tell. He's never done anything like that

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Ang-lee hulk can do it.