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Just had a random thought. Are the most popular, long-lasting characters seen as more heroic because they use primary colors? Or does it have more to do with the time they were created? Let's see...(I'm in a listing mood :) )...

Primary colors

  • Superman - Red and blue
  • Wonder Woman - Red, blue, yellow
  • Captain America - Red and blue
  • Spider-Man - Red and blue
  • Iron Man - Red and yellow
  • Red Tornado - Red, blue, yellow
  • Scarlet Witch - Red
  • Doctor Fate - Yellow and blue
  • Batman (heroic) - Blue
  • Robin (modern) - Red and yellow
  • Wolverine (original) - Yellow and blue
  • Fantasic Four - Blue
  • Deadpool - Red
  • X-Men (team uniforms) - Yellow, then yellow and blue
  • Collossus - Red and yellow
  • Nightcrawler - Red
  • Ant-Man - Red and blue

Secondary colors

  • Green Lantern - Green
  • Green Arrow - Green
  • Hulk - Green
  • She-hulk - Green and purple
  • Aquaman - Purple and green
  • Hawkeye - Purple
  • Wolverine (later) - brown, tan
  • Apache Chief - Green
  • Psylocke - Purple


  • Vision - Green, red and yellow
  • Magneto - Purple and red
  • Robin (orig) - Red, yellow and green
  • Rogue - Yellow and green
  • Jean Grey (Phoenix) - Yellow and green

Shades of Gray

  • Batman (anti-hero) - black
  • Punisher - black and white
  • Storm - black
  • Black Panther - black
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So, taking a look at my list...it's interesting to see how costume colors change with characters. Robin losing the secondary color when he's a stronger, more independent character. But when a new Robin emerges they start with green again. Wolverine loses the primary colors and becomes a darker anti-hero. Batman, too, goes to shades of gray.

It does seem, at least from this list, the more heroic characters are mostly in the primary color category. And are they the most popular/iconic?

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Hmm...that is interesting to think about (though, Green is primary if we're going by light (as opposed to Magenta, Cyan & Yellow - for pigments)). Whenever I've used any of the online character-creators out there, I do always feel there's only certain colors I can use (to make the person a "proper" hero).

(If I can be picky, Batman - while rough & dark - isn't really an anti-hero. Anti-hero generally refers to someone who is out for themselves (rather than protecting others) & and "good" gets done as a byproduct of their own selfish actions (ie: if the people they kill were monstrous villains, they did "good" by removing them from society, but they didn't do it with the intent of protecting innocent people)).