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#51 Posted by CitizenJP (782 posts) - - Show Bio

@grimoire said:

Knew people would automatically think it was a racist just from the preview title. lol

Straight up rolled my eyes like come onnnnn lol

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#52 Posted by Supi (185 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope it was worth the waiting...

@bonzi161 I think you got it wrong man...It's just the color series and nothing more...

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#53 Posted by phocracker (229 posts) - - Show Bio

@nwoslave: Who cares. If people are going to complain to this day, on any thing with the color white, then get out of the country.

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#54 Edited by killraven4334 (1170 posts) - - Show Bio

@sinikettu said:

Well, at least it isn't Captain America: Rainbow... Thought the fan reaction would be hilarious to withness

that would get some marvel execs and writers assassinated

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@koays said:

LMFAOOOOOOOO. This is a funny title