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In your estimation, what will the power level of Jen Grey be in the upcoming movie? The options are:

(1) She will defeat MCU Thanos even if he has all the stones

(2) She will solo a team made up of MCU Thanos(only power stone), IW Thor, JL Supes, Dr Strange, Scarlet Witch and CM. But she will lose to Thanos with IG.

(3) She might be able to defeat two or three opponents of the above team but will not be able to

solo the whole team

(4) She will be able to defeat Thanos (only power stone) one on one

(5) She will defeat stone-less Thanos but will lose to Thanos with power stone

(6) She wouldn't even be able to defeat stone-lessThanos

(7) She will defeat IW Thor

(8) She will lose to IW Thor but will be able to defeat all other heroes one on one

If you don't think her power level is best represented by one of the options above, please describe the precise level which you think she will belong to.

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Unbeatable on paper and when using high end feats, but will probably job and lose to someone significantly weaker. Look no further than Quicksilver and his speed and him having his punch caught by someone way slower.

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I expect serious nerf in this movie compared to Apoc and the feats there for some reason but scaling from them probably 3.

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Weaker than Supes

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Would stomp IW Thor, JL Supes and Post-Nuke DD. Combined.

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Maybe option 2.

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Defeat IW Thor.