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Could be any superhero/character. It can be a superhero that already has a movie planned or you can see a solo movie(realistically) made about the hero in the future.

The Flash.. Even though its going to be a TV show, the movie should have a bigger budget in terms of effects.

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Black Panther or Aquaman. I'd love to see what they do with Atlantis.

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Ms. Marvel.

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This. Both Marvel and DC have team movies coming out in the next two years, the next solo movie set to release is Ant-Man next year.

Personally I have high hopes for the movie and feel it could be just as great as Guardians of the Galaxy, if not greater.

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I think wonder woman is gonna be huge

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If Wonder Woman ever gets made I think that could take it.

I think Aquaman could, but they need to fix his reputation to the general public first.

Dr. Strange I really think could be hugely successful.

Same with Ms. Marvel.

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Ms. Marvel

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Ant-Man for the soonest, but biggest might go to Aquaman or Wonder Woman

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Batman. Flash if done right.

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@thevivas said:

Black Panther or Aquaman. I'd love to see what they do with Atlantis.

When Black Panther hits the theater I just know it will do amazing. What I'm concerned about is Aquaman. Now we, know Aquaman is badass but the movie needs to show the general audience why he is a badass. Cause when I mention Aquaman to my friends I have to fight tooth and nail to tell them how useful and strong he is.