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An interesting aspect of comic book characters is, for me, their diverse skill sets outside of their superpowers. As a result I'd like to start a thread where you pick any 5 Marvel or DC characters you would want to train you in 5 different disciplines and explain each one, e.g. I'd like Batman to train me in Investigation, Captain America in Martial Arts, etc... I look forward to hearing your responses :)

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Barman-Combat, Reed Richards-Scienctific understanding, Superman-character content(virtues), Strange-magic, Cap-strategy.

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  • Batman - No explanation needed.
  • Thor - Yeah, hard, but awesome.
  • Taskmaster - He trained Agent X IIRC.
  • Harley Quinn - The last thing I need is predictability. I must think outside the box...and really, Joker would try to put a smile on my face before I think of asking for training..and Deadpool would send me to steal a nuclear bomb using only my legs.
  • Iron Man - I'm dumb as a brick, I'll need Stark and Bruce's help.
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I would rather go with Captain America for fighting. Batman in gadgets, strategy, and Detective stuff. Wonder Woman in weapons like Swords and Axes. Spiderman for intellect because he's smart but nice and not annoying plus he would go slow with me.

@spinningbirdcake: Batman would be too intense for me.

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Wonderwoman-weapons handling

Nick Furry-tactics

Batman-dective skills

Nightwing-to help me score with the ladies

i got to think about another one

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  • Batman
  • Doctor Strange
  • Shang-Chi
  • Reed Richards
  • Wonder Woman
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@Teerack said:

  • Batman
  • Doctor Strange
  • Shang-Chi
  • Nick fury
  • Wonder Woman

MS.Mavel/CaptainMarvel, SpiderWoman, Thor,Tony Stark/Ironman,Storm

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@evilvegeta74: Why'd you quote me?

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Eh... I'm lazy. Just give me an Iron Man suit or bombard me with gamma rays.

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Abilities wanted: Sorcery, Tactics, Strategy, Combat Skills, Detective Skills, Technology/Engineering, Badassary, Business skills, etc.

My 5

Doctor Stephen Strange

Bruce Wayne/Batman

Steve Rogers/ Captain America

John Constantine

Tony Stark/ Iron Man

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Steve Rogers - fighting, tactical experience,

Danny Rand - Martial Arts and meditation

Clint Barton - Marksmanship

Nick Fury - Wisdom of age, espionage experience, and basically being the Man

Sue Storm - Teaching - She is very intelligent and probably a much better teacher than Reed, Stark, or Banner. Plus she is easy on the eyes.

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Batman- no contest. He helps me with martial arts, weapons, peak human conditioning, detective skills, pain tolerance, strategy and tactics. And the ladies...

Superman- teaches me good virtues

Spiderman- teaches me the way of the spider and good morals. And Further better myself in MA. He also teaches me math and science.

Steve roger- Strategy and tactics

Doom-.... everything he knows, tech, engineering and chess just to add a little fun. He also teaches me how to run an effective society. I thought of adding reed richards.. but Doom is more badass.

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@lilben42: That's a good list. Batman would be intense. Maybe I'm just responsive to verbal abuse :)

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Black panther

Captain america


Tony stark

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@spinningbirdcake: ha and physical. He would probably turn the lights off and keep surprising you til you can predict his movements.

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Lex Luthor


Wonder Woman

Martian Manhunter

Nick Fury

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black panther -fighting styles, tactics 
reed richards  -science and math 
tony stark-engineering
emma frost- because she's a good teacher 
ironfist-  martial arts training and control of chi

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Lady Shiva: H2H combat, Instant kill techniques, ability to read body movements

Batgirl (Babs): Computer hacking, acrobatics, etc...

Wonder Woman: Warrior Code, tactics

Zatanna: Magic

Iron Fist: Chi Manipulation

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Daredevil~Martial Arts, fighting styles and weapons skills. If a blind man can do the kinds of martial arts that he could do, imagine what a full seeing guy could do

Spider-Man~Small time gadgets and morals

Harley Quinn~Gadgets/Crazy ass strategies

Dr Doom: Heavy Tech

Ghost Rider: Hellfire magic

Poison Ivy~Plant science/Poison

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Captain America - Tactics - In my opinion, he's the best guy at it, so who better to learn from than the best

Tony Stark - Engineering - With Stark's knowledge, you'd be able to make almost anything that you could think of

Hawkeye - Archery - Because I need to know how to shoot someone behind me without even looking :P

Batman - Fighting Skills - Now, Batman is probably my least favourite superhero ever, but I've gotta give credit where credit is due, he's amazing at fighting

The Flash - Speed - I doubt he'll be able to teach me how to run really fast, but hey I can dream :D

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Wolverine- Martial Arts

Elektra- Weapons

Dr. Strange- Magic

Black Panther- Technology

Spider-Man- Morals or whatever.

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@Moonchilde said:

Eh... I'm lazy. Just give me an Iron Man suit or bombard me with gamma rays.

If you'll get bombarded by gamma rays, it will rip apart your weft (or tissue... I'm not sure how to say it in english.), which will cause radiation issues and probably lead to death.

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@JimTheSurfer said:

@Moonchilde said:

Eh... I'm lazy. Just give me an Iron Man suit or bombard me with gamma rays.

If you'll get bombarded by gamma rays, it will rip apart your weft (or tissue... I'm not sure how to say it in english.), which will cause radiation issues and probably lead to death.

In the real world. In Marvel it apparently turns you into the Hulk, or at least the Rhino. I think I'd prefer the Iron Man armor anyway though.

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I'd be trained to fight from Batman, and karate kid. I'd learn archary from green arrow. id learn to be a tactian from Captain America. And gun training and gun knowledge from punisher.

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Constantine - so I can see what it's like to get things done , no matter what it takes, over in the ugly side of the world

Doctor Strange - so that my limits can extend from the natural to the supernatural

Professor X - the flip-side of Constantine, hard decisions on the brighter side and a world of knowledge

Batman - so I can blend into the shadows and learn how to use tech to solve any mystery, plus hand to hand when it is absolutely necessary

Lady Shiva - so I'm always one step ahead of the guy about to punch me in the face

These guys (and gal) may not make me the ideal law abiding citizen, but I would be one badass BMF who would know true justice without having to get my hands in the dirt, or the bad guys in the morgue.

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  • Thing - Weight lifting
  • Batman - Martial arts
  • Captain America - Strategy
  • Superman - Morals
  • Flash - Speed
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Iron Fist - Chi and Physical fitness

Doctor Strange - Magic

Batman DC One Million - Fighting Skill

Bullseye - Accuracy

Tony Stark - Weapons and Machinery

This would actually make a really badass Marvel/DC character.

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  • Richard Dragon - Martial Arts
  • Green Arrow - Archery
  • Constantine - Magic
  • Reed Richards - Everything science
  • Batman - Investigation
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Batman: Brooding and Investigation

Midnighter: Tactics

Karate Kid: Martial Arts

Dormammu: Magic

Docotor Doom: Science

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Deadpool cause it would be filled with lolz

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Captain America



Black Canary

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Henry Pym - teach me the engineering side of things.

Taskmaster - teach me combat skills.

Nick Fury - espionage and strategy.

Dr Nemesis - medical training.

Lex Luthor - budgeting and financial training. Being able to make billions of dollars through investments rather than personal labor is something that cannot be overlooked.

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  1. David Cain - Combat
  2. Stick - Super Senses
  3. Orson Randall - Ki
  4. Kraven - Herbal Medicine
  5. Midnighter - Strategy
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Cap America - Steve has the experience - he is a great tactician and a leader Batman - For combat - The Bat's fighting skills, detective skills, peak human conditioning, pain tolerance and the ability to disappear should come useful if needs be. Thor - he is a beautiful man and could help in strengthening and knowledge of outside realms Supeman for the balance between good and right, Tony Stark- with great knowledge comes great ability, the chance to make suits of armour would come in handy and combined with all the other training should help greatly

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Batman- Hand-to-Hand Combat, Detective, Tactic

Deathstroke-Weapons Combat, Strategy/Tactic

Brainiac-Vast Knowledge

Shazam (old Wizard, Not Captain Marvel)- Magical Powers of Shazam

Kyle Rayner- How to Draw lol

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Batman - Fighting

Captain America - Tactics

Jonah Hex - Gun/saber skills