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Gotta love how much the creators care about their fans ...

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More importantly, Xiaomi Redmi 6A prices have been slashed and are now affordable in India.

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Gwendoline Christie tends to go a bit over the top. I think Brienne will bite it when the Night King hits Winterfell.

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I'll only need therapy if Brienne survives

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If only that wasn't true...

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You think GoT fans are new to this?

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Probably just means Tyrion dies.

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Because of how poorly written it will be??

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I needed therapy after season 1 tbh

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I was thinking of buying Redmi 6A. Thanks for the post.

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Just don't kill Ghost and I'll be fine.

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This is not necessarily good

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At least people will have the low, low priced Xiaomi Redmi 6A to comfort them after the finale.

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Everyone dies

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They'll need therapy because after so many years, the ride will finally end.

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Good, we can all file for a class action lawsuit and sue their asses for medical treatment.

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lol, no we won't, but I'm looking forward to it!

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Therapy might not be necessary but I will definitely be upset as hell. The end of Game of Thrones will close a certain period in my life, similarly to the end of Harry Potter saga.

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I don't think the current writers are capable of shocking me enough to warrant therapy. They've thoroughly killed my interest in most of the characters I used to care about so I have no strong attachments to even sever.

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Dude GOT fans have been hardened since season one. They could kill everyone now and I wouldn't bat and eye.

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Arya will sit on the Iron Throne