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@mrmonster: The real question is...How many people read it for the good Art and not the story...That what i was really getting at...I,d say alot...And are you sure its only a few?..I mean on this site alone there are so many thirsty responses to legitimate thread questions its not even funny.

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@jumpstart55: Even then, I still think the vast majority of comic book readers do read it for the story and the characters, not for the women. Maybe some do like it for the "art", but not just for the women, but for the pictures of all the cool stuff contained within comics.

I'm sure there are a lot of comic book readers who appreciate the sexy women, that's undeniable. But I highly doubt that a lot of comic book readers read it PRIMARILY for the women. It may be a reason they read them, but not the main reason.

And I do hate it when people comment "Ends in sex" in threads. Not because it's sexist, but because I think serious threads deserve serious answers. Now, I have no problem with someone adding that into a joke thread, but if it's a real thread it should be taken seriously.

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  • Very well said...And i completely agree.
  • And i just want to add: I,m not criticizing peoples reasons for reading comics...I myself read it both for the story and art...But one does wonder given how sex and attractiveness does indeed sell...And how extreme attractiveness has been apart of comics since the begging, if theres a correlation between that and some peoples primary reasons for reading comics.
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Comic book heroes are genericly hot. But only women and girls are allowed to be purposely sexy.