Orion and Zuko father issues

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It strikes me as a cool coinscidense that when we might get more New Gods in the televised media. And the public viewer might get more stories of New Genesis and Apocolypse, one will also familiarise with the complex father-son relationship of Darkseid-Orion.

But we have had a slightly similar father/son dynamic previous in public view of quite popular show Avatar (the last Airbender). Whom show us the first hidden but later revield complicated relationship between Zuko-Ozai (Firelord) and Zukos struggle with hes darkness. Hes guilt yet also urge for forgivness for hes cruelty

I find some interesting comparisons yet also differences in-between the characters. Orion being more vissios and strike of evilish, yet had a good moral upbringing. Zuko is first introduced as a ruthless tyrannical kid whom longs for fathers aproval (a bit like Kalibak actualy) by capturing the Avatar. Orion goes inbetween philosophical monologues and firy fighterspirrit but with sometimes quite brutal strikes.

Zuke came to find calmness in him when he searched for hes mother whom he rememberes as mild spirited.

I wonder if one could do the same with Orion, flash out hes relation to hes mother and so that hes chsractar develops from beyond the monolithic strugle aggainst a dominant father figure.