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Just picked up todays Red Hood and the Outlaws #17 and noticed it has a "Death of the Family Aftermath" headliner on it...do any of the other Bat-family's have this title? I didn't see it on any of last weeks (batgirl, b&r)

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ps. cover art of the week!

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Maybe some of the "family" will be more affected than others. Maybe we will see "aftermath" across the Bat-line of books at different times as each character experiences "Flashbacks" of the things Joker said to them in the dark.

You are right about last week's Batgirl and B&R by the way.

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@Mighty Thorion: Thanks for the reply!

I actually went back to my LCS to ask if I'd missed any poignant issues since Batman #17 and it seems like only Red Hood has addressed DotF so far (definitely worth picking up if you haven't btw! great issue!)

It was such a big event, I was hoping to see fallout in all the titles it affected.

B&R kiiiiiiinda touched on it, but it wasn't trying to be a DotF issue in any way. Hoping to see more like Red Hood!