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This week we saw the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1. If you had a chance to watch it or read our review, you know it did a great job adapting the (first half) of the story. Yesterday we found out Marvel is planning an Iron Man/Hulk team up movie. When it comes to classic comic book stories like this, they need to be handled properly if an attempt is going to be made in bringing them to the small screen.

With the decades of comic book stories already published, there are many arcs that have been successful and earned a place among our favorite stories.

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This week's question is, what comic book arc or event should be made into an animated movie? There has been rumors of Flashpoint happening and many of use would love to see Civil War, Old Man Logan or The Killing Joke adapted.

The points to consider are the length of the story (could it be made into a movie under 90 minutes?), the prior continuity involved, the popularity of the character among other things. Let us know what you think would make a good animated movie. Add in any parts that could be cut out or condensed to make it work.

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Love to see Civil War with an alternate ending. Flashpoint would be awesome especially if they do the citizen cold story along with it as well.

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I'm not really a Batman fan but "Bruce Wayne: Murderer" would make a pretty good movie.

"Our Worlds At War" would be great too but only if they used the voice cast from JLU.

And the fan boy in me wants a volume 2 Wonder Woman story and a Birds of Prey arc.

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They did Planet Hulk so a World War Hulk would be pretty awesome.

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I'm not really a Batman fan

This...this sentence somehow seems wrong to me, how is it even possible??
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The thought of an old man logan movie gave me goose bumps.

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The comics don't hold up well at all, but I'd still like to see the Maximum Carnage arc done really well. It would need to be done in a more serious tone and the dialogue completely scrapped and rewritten, but I think the story would actually work better if were trimmed down to fit into a 90 minute movie.

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Rogue Wars.


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do a Civil War movie > Secret Invasion movie > Dark Reign/Siege movie

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Hard Boiled would be awesome animated.

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Batman,the court of owls.The story from issue #1 to issue #11.Not just what was collected in the hardcover.

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Haunted Knight

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I would actually like to see the Marvel Civil War story arc. Not the superhero specific PPV, but just the general version which I believe were Civil War 1-7

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Battle for the Cowl. Judas Contract

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Superman: Red Son. It definitely has the potential to be amazing if converted into an animated movie

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I'd like to see,

Having a movie just a for joker would be awesome! If they do they need to keep it dark.

They need to make this a movie!

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I would love to watch Superman for all seasons, secret origins, man of tomorrow and kingdom come.

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The Kingdom Come and Infinite Crisis!!!!

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Batman: The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, When in Rome, Knightfall,.....

Superman: The Death Of Superman, properly done, For Tomorrow,

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3. Superman: Grounded

2. AvX

1. One More Day

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War of the witch blade.

Executive Assistant Iris.

Phoenix Endsong and Warsong.

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Blackest Night. With everyone into Zombies right now, it would be the perfect comic to animate.

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Dark Phoenix Saga, done properly. 'Nuff said.

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@ssejllenrad said:

3. Superman: Grounded

2. AvX

1. One More Day

4.Fear itself

5. Justice League: Cry for Justice

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Oh and Sinestro Corps War too.


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@Violens said:

Hard Boiled would be awesome animated.

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There is a script out there, Violens. The Wachowski Brothers were meant to direct it back in the early 2000's.

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Judas Contract, Emperor Joker, Huntress: Cry for blood, Secret Wars, X-men: Endangered Species (it won't happen but I would love it) Dinosaurs vs Aliens...

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@Meteorite said:

Dark Phoenix Saga, done properly. 'Nuff said.


Also Avengers operation galactic storm.

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@Billy Batson said:

Oh and Sinestro Corps War too.


I remember hearing some rumours about it a while ago. Would be cool to see it.

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Hellboy Conqueror Worm, Secret Invasion, Flashpoint, Second Coming Any Invinvible arc,

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Dark Phoenix saga and age of apocalypse

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I am looking into other Indie Comics.

1) Top Cow: First Born

2) Top Cow: Artifacts

3) Aspen's Fathom

4) Top Cow: Madame Mirage

5) Top Cow: Medieval Witchblade and Spawn

For Marvel Comics:

1) Typhoid (executed the way it was done by Von Fleet)

2) Inferno

3) Executioner's Song

4) The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix

5) X-Tinction Agenda

DC Comics:

1) Death High Cost of Living

2) Sandman Series

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Uncanny X-force: The Dark Angel Saga

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marvel universe vs the punisher or the punisher kills the marvel universe. wont happen but enough said since he dont get enough credit

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The Killing Joke, Joker (Azzarello), Kingdom Come, Old Man Logan...

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  • Killing Joke
  • NTT Games
  • Ends of the Earth
  • Shazam (N52 JL backup)
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I think Huntress Cry for Blood would make a movie. First movie for Huntress with the flashbacks it could double as an origin story as well as a revenge on.

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Marvel Civil War, House Of M, Killing Joke, Flashpoint, Blackest Night, and many more..

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Batman: The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, The Killing Joke, and Hush.

Justice League: Kingdom Come, Infinite Crisis and maybe Pain of the Gods.

Green Arrow: Snowbirds Don't Fly and The Longbow Hunters

Teen Titans: Judas Contract

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Killing Joke is the obvious one.

The Other (spider-man) would be pretty neat, I guess.

Flashpoint: Batman

Something based on Punisher MAX.

The Black Glove/Batman RIP

A lot of this would probably be hard to justify in an animated film, given more mature contents. Then again, if TDKR made it to animation...

Edit: Oh, and something based on John Constantine proper, not that shoddy Keanu Reeves interpretation.

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Age of Apocalypse.

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The Authority

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Kingdom Come!

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I think Old Man Logan could make a great live action movie actually ... Clint Eastwood is probably just a tad too old at this point though. Too bad.

I definitely feel the movie Unforgiven influenced at leas the first part of the story arc ... a litte 'Western' tone to the movie would be pretty cool (die Hill Billy Hulklings, die!!)

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X-cutioner's Song, Fatal Attractions, Secret War, Dark Angel Saga, Civil War, Hush, Age of Apocalypse, Old Man Logan, Sinestro Corps War, Knightfall/KnightQuest/KnightsEnd, Flashpoint, Exiles (Judd Winick arc) Mutant X (complete series arc).....

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CIVIL WAR! (and House of M)

Maybe make it a series of movies: 1) Avengers: Disassembled. 2) House of M. 3) Civil War. 4) Secret Invasion. 5) Dark Reign. 6) Siege. Skip Fear Itself... 7) AVX.

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Civil War would be epic in an animation movie. They could also make something like a trilogy, House of M, Messiah Complex Second Coming. THAT would be awesome.

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1. Rising Stars (Top Cow)

2. Flashpoint (With Batman's side story) (DC)

3. Sandman (DC/Vertigo)

4. Batman: Hush (DC)

5. Astonishing X-Men 1 - 24 (Marvel)

6. Swamp Thing + Animal Man (Rot Arc) (DC)

7. American Vampire (DC/Vertigo)

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Personally I think the Civil War or the Skrull Invasion should be made into a movie, I'd really love to see one of those stories become a movie!

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Artifacts, War of the Witchblades, Anything from Uncanny X-Force