Off THEIR Mind: Should There be More Super-Powered Animals?

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I think we have enough. The novelty wears off when its over exposed. For example, I love a good Krypto story (Superman 712 FTW), but I don't want to see him in every issue. I don't want to see him once every 10 issues.

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@G-MAN Jimmy Palmiotti seems like a really nice guy, and he's super funny. Any chance you could ask him to guest star on one of the podcasts?

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But... but... Captain Carrot!!

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Maybe include more under a kids' imprint. I can't see why we can't have more super-animals if they are written for children.

For adults... pass. Or at least, I get that a hero or villain might have a pet or own a highly skilled, but normal, animal... but 'super' animals... I can pass. Not much of Krypto fan, though I get why other people love it.

So where does line get drawn? Because right about now I'm thinking about a chimp with a flaming skull head riding an all black tricycle with flaming wheels.

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Are you out of your mind?


Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers Unleashed #2
Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers Unleashed #2

I just love the little helmet Throg sports.

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Not really into super powered animals except Krypto.

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#58 Posted by COBRAMORPH (1884 posts) - - Show Bio

Just as every super needs to have the main Man/Woman, sidekick & younger opposite gendered sickkcik, to be a complete family they need a mascot.

But they need to do more than just dog or cat. For example, give Atlee that Super-snail.

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I hope Aquadog gets some type of powers & abilities somehow along the road. Maybe they'll run into an Atlantean Artifact enabling him to breathe underwater and communicate to sea life. NOW, THAT WOULD BE COOL!

Can't Forget About AQUADOG!
Can't Forget About AQUADOG!
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@SnowyMountain said:

Are you out of your mind?


Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers Unleashed #2
Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers Unleashed #2

I just love the little helmet Throg sports.

Beta wants his hammer back, Thor's got a horse already...

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No in as big letters as possible ( we have enough they are gimmicky )

Edit: people do not read comics about animals, Animals do not talk ? no super powered teams of animals

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We have mouseguard already there for we need no more. Argument won !

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Yeah sure! Krypto and Dex-Starr are awesome!

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@ckuakini said:

Brian Buccellato had good point of why there aren't that much comic titles out pertaining to any animal superhero or villain besides those who play the roles inside the main "superhero" title. For example, Ch'p in the Green Lantern, he's a squirrel with a green power ring but plays as a sidekick for other major Corps Members. People don't really like reading about an animal with superhero powers cause first off, it loses the realistic form of the comic book, secondly they are not good protagonist for villains who are more human-like. So if there would be a conflict in the story arc then there would have to be a villainous animal such as a snake or something creepy and evil looking to even out the playing field.

I for one don't actually agree with that. To me its all in the writing. Also, this exists.

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