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When it comes to superheroes and teams, trust is everything. Heroes need to be able to work together with minimal thought, knowing their teammates will be there to watch their back. They spend so much time together when fighting villains, in training sessions or just when sitting around blowing off steam. The great and successful teams become more than just a bunch of heroes fighting to save the day. They become family.

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The last thing a team needs is secrets. Secrets lead to suspicion and mistrust. When the lives of the heroes and innocents are on the line, there isn't room for doubt. Yet secrets are a big part of the lives of many superheroes. Many have secret identities and live secret lives that their friends and family might not know about. Teams are also moving in the direction of keeping secrets from other members.

With the existence of squads like X-Force and the Secret Avengers, heroes are able to go on covert missions and do what needs to be done. The process and actions they take might not be approved by other members or by the public but they do what they need to for the greater good. When more and more members are brought into the secret, how long until someone slips up and reveals the information to others?

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When Captain America basically took on the duties of Nick Fury and took command of SHIELD, it wasn't a surprise when he formed a secret team of Avengers. As Earth's Mightiest Heroes, they have the power to do things for the sake of the planet.

Their first mission took them to Mars up against the Shadow Council. Taking a trip to Mars might not have to be kept a secret but if the general public knew the government or others possessed the technology to travel there and that a threat was forming there, it could burst the bubble of their little worlds. People are used to threats being contained to their immediate area. They know conflicts are brewing between different countries. The idea of a threat originating on a neighboring planet might be too much.

There was also the abandoned Secret Empire city one mile beneath the surface. The existence of this place along with those still operating it could lead to more panic. No one expects there to be dangers beneath their feet (unless they are aware of the Mole Man but he's never really been a major threat). The Secret Avengers also had to make a decision that resulted in the deaths of everyone stationed in the hidden city. Even though it was an act to preserve the safety of the country (heck, even the planet), the general public might not approve of the methods used.

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Cyclops originally formed X-Force as a team of killer X-Men. With the number of mutants dangerously low, he felt they couldn't simply sit around and wait for threats to arrive on their doorstep. X-Force was to seek out those threats and deal with them before more mutant lives were lost.

When the existence of the team was discovered, members such as Storm and Beast were outraged (which is a little ironic since Beast ended up killing when in Secret Avengers). They could not condone the idea of X-Men killing and the fact that the team was kept a secret from them was unacceptable. Secrets lead to mistrust.

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X-Force was disbanded at the end of Second Coming but Wolverine went and reformed the team behind Cyclops' and the rest of the X-Men's backs. Wolverine feels there is still a need for the team. The first mission of the new team had them deal with the coming threat of Apocalypse before he fully rose to power. With members such as Fantomex and Deadpool, Wolverine has to trust that no one will let it slip that the team is still operating.

With Wolverine now running the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, he felt he had to confide in some of the others. Beast and Kitty Pryde were let in on the secret of the continued existence of X-Force. This was a gamble as Beast had already made it clear to Cyclops that he couldn't accept the idea when he quit the X-Men. It could be the fact that he himself is part of a secret team of Avengers that allows him to be a little more understanding.

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The Secret Avengers has had some loose canons on board. Moon Knight appears to be getting crazier and crazier in his soon to be ending title. Eric O'Grady might actually long for the idea of being accepted but he's already let it slip to Iron Fist that he was on a secret squad. And of course he would use the fact that he's on the team to try to score with the ladies.

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Captain America's duties are stretching him thin. He's already reached out to Hawkeye to lead the Secret Avengers. It appears that there will be other new members such as Hank Pym, Captain Britain and Venom joining. More new members means more people in on the secret. Will they still be able to carry out missions and use methods the general public might not approve of if more people know about the secret?

There's also the bad guys each team goes up against. While they might not refer to themselves as X-Force or the Secret Avengers out on the field, when the villains or threat is dealt with, unless it's with extreme prejudice, they're bound to talk to others. People might wonder about the gathering of these certain heroes. The fact that X-Force uses different costumes might raise even more suspicion.

Having secret teams could have its shares of advantages. With the supervillains and threats to the world increasing to new levels, the idea of simply punching out the bad guys and sending them to a super-prison might not be the solution anymore. Villains can't seem to learn their lesson after being defeated time and time again. Sometimes there are simply jobs that need to be done without the public knowing about it. If a secret team is being formed, extreme caution needs to be used in maintaining that secret. Members chosen for the team need to be trusted enough not to let the secret slip. They need to be trusted enough not to lose their marbles and try to reveal the information to the world (just as Wonder Man recently did). More and more secrets are developing with other heroes. Pretty soon, every team will have their own secret squad. As long as no one lets the secret slip.

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In one word, No.

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@NightFang said:

In one word, No.

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This is a pretty interesting article, I like both teams. Although these teams can carry a heavy burden. Is it me or are there more comics having to deal with top secret stuff coming out more? And I mean like the main character or characters are suppose to be a secret like Venom, Winter Soldier, maybe Black Widow, the Secret Avengers, the X-Force, etc.

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X-Force is known to the staff but its a lot easier to cover since half the members are hardly standard X-men so no ones paying attention to Fantomex, AoA Kurt or Deadpool. Also Wolverine flying solo for a while or going on late night jaunts would hardly raise an eyebrow.

Still eventually it comes out if only for drama.

Secret Avengers a lot trickier ant-man has loose lips, Hawkeye is on two other teams Pym plus Beast are suppose to be running schools. Cap B is the top hero in his country.

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I agree that since Beast himself is part of a secret group himself, he's a little more understanding this time around. The Secret Avengers might have to do something about Grady though since he's already let slip to Iron Fist about the group though I don't know what they can do. X-Force on the other hand I don't know how long they can stay quiet since the media would definitely jump at the chance to talk about a secret group of mutants doing shadow work which could lead to mutants plotting against humans and blah blah blah we all know what'll happen next.

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Totaly Wrong Type of Comic.

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with the existence of the Secret Avengers if anyone finds out it would be sorta hypocritical to be upset about it in x-force's case. Although after a while telling Steve Rogers about everything might be a good idea.

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This kind of story will always end in the light. Since a low level thing like the cap britain can find about them then a lot of vilains and heroes must be aware of them right now.

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A secret known to 2 is no longer a secret.

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They should form a secret secret squad called the Secret X Foransljdjaakdwhkladjawj .

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I want these two groups to fight

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I want a Fantastic Force.

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Not for long.

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If the X-men were disposing of their enemies in public view, perhaps they could instill a little fear and command what respect they once had. I doubt that is really an option for the Avengers, as they're supposed to carry the banner for righteous heroes, to tarnish that image could be devastating, a Second Coming for the Avengers might occur.

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These teams were so secret, I've never heard of either!

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I've always kinda seen X-Force and Secret Avengers as being akin to SFOD-Delta with regard to the American military in that they are the team that people know the existence of the team, though its officially supposed to not exist. They do secret strikes against the enemy that are unknown and above public scrutiny unlike normal teams. Can their secret remain forever? Probably not.

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Not if you keep talking about them in public like this Tony. Jeez.

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So I read enough Secret Avengers to understand why Rogers formed them. I also read X-Force and I'm curious, are they just meant to handle mutant threats that the public shouldn't know about? I never have understood why we have a secret X-team. Anyway, as to the question, I think they will stay secret but I do agree that the more who know on either team, the worst it becomes to have them hidden. It is kind of bad to be hiding all this from "family" and to be honest it's one of my biggest gripes with Marvel right now because Cap isn't a "hide things and outright lie" kind of guy. I don't see him hiding this from his brothers in arms and I think it will bite the members of these groups in the butt. I think the public may never know but I do believe team members are going to find out and they are going to be pissed.

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These teams will end up as secret as secret identities, i.e. they are but everybody knows about it they just don't tell everyone, they wait until the team is revealed then say "I knew that all along."

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Realistically, no. They would not stay secret.

But this is a medium where secret identities are kept for 50+ years with a domino mask or worse yet glasses.

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A secret article.

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Wolverine and Storm need to stop drinking, and need to save the world more! They need to learn how stay a secret a little better than what they have done before, they should play more Black Ops.

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I feel for Eric, I mean whats the point of being on a bad @$$ super secret super hero team if you can't brag to the ladies about it

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Secret does not mean that they have to be secret to every single individual in the world, just secret to the general public and these teams can accomplish this easily. They just need to avoid all the high profile conflict and the general public and most of the superhero community will not know they exist. I disagree with the writer's comments regarding public panic if they knew of the mars mission and secret empire city. New York alone has been invaded by several alien/non-human species/beings from the kree,skrulls, galactus, mole man, and atlantis. No marvel humans should have any doubts regarding alien or non-human terrestial threats.

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Nope. Especially with Cap Britain in Secret Avengers.

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@wowylied said:


This kind of story will always end in the light. Since a low level thing like the cap britain can find about them then a lot of vilains and heroes must be aware of them right now.

Captain Britain is not low level

OH ya I forgot to answer the question no they can not stay a secret especially the Avengers one, there roster has had way more members and the members have been less of a family than X-force was I mean the only real lose cannons on X-Force are Deadpool and Phantom X and I ask you if they "told" who would believe them?

BTW I think that scene where Wolverine has his no secrets moment with Beast was a missed opportunity by Marvel. Marvel could have done a kick ass cross over between the two and had it come out then and Beast would have had absolutely zero finger pointing room if it had gone down that way.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

@NightFang said:

In one word, No.

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When I think about it, your "reality checks" of superhero comic book realities are just so beside the point of what superhero comic books are about ... more realism doesn't always mean "exactly as in real life without the assumption that superheroes are real" ... nope ... because superhero comic books need many other assumptions, images and metaphors to work.

I agree with some things like when an (almost) worlds end event with millions dead just got ignored like it has never happened ... or out of character writing / continuity failures which damage the characters consistency ... true, that's really annoying ... but not every fly shit has to be discussed to just fill empty space!

Just think about what are the main assumptions and main determining factors for a superhero story or a fictional superhero universe to work? What has to be accepted different as in real life ... besides the simple assumption that superpowered people (or aliens, magic or whatever powers a hero/villain) exist.

And don't forget the importance of fighting (action) for a really great superhero story. It seems that the most popular conflict solution is fighting, right? Not really realistic, but would you want comic books to become more realistic here? Nope, because than it would be so lame. Same with the secret identity ... in fact if you want more realistic stories (which means that they don't wear their costumes silver age styled underneath their everyday clothes), then you have to accept this switch and even the whole secret identity stuff more as a metaphor. Like you accept that Batman takes on his armor and all his stuff within 5 minutes or like you accept that in action movies the action hero can bear much, much more injuries than even the hardest man could ever stand, that people come out of the water and are totally dried just 1 minute later ... and all this stuff ... it's just for the sake of the SHOW. You wouldn't want it changed and WE ALL KNOW it's not realistic. So ...

There are just more things that has to be accepted than just the fact that superpowers exist. But I guess an empty column has to be filled with stuff ... regardless of (ir)relevance.

Just my 2 cents!

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The last thing a team needs is secrets. Secrets lead to suspicion and mistrust. When the lives of the heroes and innocents are on the line, there isn't room for doubt. Yet secrets are a big part of the lives of many superheroes. Many have secret identities and live secret lives that their friends and family might not know about. Teams are also moving in the direction of keeping secrets from other members.

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It can work, but you need to use D listers at most or even villains (recently reformed or coerced). Anything more noticeable and it would rapidly get disseminated.

AS blah as it was, Justice League Elite largely had the team right. A bunch of people no one would suspect or even particularly notice...well ok there was Wally, but they explained that pretty well.

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The "no killing" rule in Marvel and DC is an artifact of industry self-censorship following Dr. Wertham's attack on the industry in the 50s. It kind of makes all these "secret" teams feel contrived as they try to make retcon sense within the comics of something that was really due to circumstances beyond the 4th wall. Super heroes should always have had the same force continuum and rules of engagement as the police or military, but they had to be artificially nerfed to meet the requirements of the Comics Code.

Deadpool just needs to call a conference and explain it to everyone on the Avengers and X-Men why they've previously felt like they couldn't use lethal force even under the most dire circumstances and why they've lost their ability to perfectly pull their punches since the mid 90s.

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Nah, not if the members are such close buddies. But if it's like a corporate team then yeah, easily. If they really wanna be secret they should all wear matching uniforms that cover as much of their body as they can and are simple and hard to remember, but i would really hate for that to happen cos there is no fun in that :)

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Secret Teams... simply put, this will not end well.

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is Storm on her third beer?! hahaha RESPECT!

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there should be one team called the The Secret Force or The New Illuminatti and They should be run by a a Rogue Watcher who wants to improve the lives of humans by eliminateing problems that will create undesirable futures and they will not remember what they did. Like an exiles team for just for the Marvel U that prevents disaster.

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Good article, I wonder if Captain Britain and Beast will acknowledge the x-force connection on panel? Beast should at least be a little untrusting. On the other hand, if beast doesn't know and Cap B let's slip, Logan's whole full disclosure goes out the window

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not that one, the secret one thanks!

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The only way it could work was if the members of the team were dead to the world.

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#40 Posted by iSnikt (31 posts) - - Show Bio


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Well not with you announcing it all over the internet it certainly won't. The whole point of a secret is you know, not telling it.

Yeesh, that's the last time I allow you into a shadow society of assassins. People like Lex Luthor and Henry Gyrich do have wifi you know?

Just wow. Time to move our headquarters that doesn't exist with the exception of in rumor I suppose...again...sigh.

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It won't stay a secret for too long, you see how quickly Magneto found out about X Force.

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@bladewolf said:

These teams were so secret, I've never heard of either!


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@KDarkholme: Yeah, and I figured that the discovery of these groups would figure into the X-Men vs. Avengers event coming up but I'll just have to wait if it actually does.

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Why should Wolverine OF ALL PEOPLE, be outraged about the idea of X-Men killing( Storm maybe as she's supposed to be a goddess of life)? The Hells' Angels(or some of other OMG- outlaw motorcycle gang) reportedly have a saying- "three can keep a secret if two are dead to begin with!" so as long as both the Secret Avengers and X_Force keep killing their foes then news of their existence is likely to be little more than a rumor like UFOs or area 51!(BTW does Professor X of all people know about X-Force-pretty hard to keep secrets from the world's greatest telepath!)?


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cool article

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Magneto's going to end up outing Betsy and her cohorts sooner or later.

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@AgeofHurricane said:

Magneto's going to end up outing Betsy and her cohorts sooner or later.

He is gonna have to out himself then too. IRCC he sent Wolverine on a mission to kill some old Nazi. It would be interesting to see what happens though if he does.

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Great article! Pretty much summed up why I think they can't nor should they remain secret. The problem with The Illuminati and the secret teams is that while their methods may seem necessary, they end up exposing the planets to heightened dangers because they have escalated the scales of the war. Since these teams are "secret", it ends up being innocent lives that are endangered by the decisions they made and in the long run they may make the "right" decision to save the planet one day, only to have doomed it the next. At least the Illuminati had heavy hitting psychics and magic users that could subtly control a threat to the Earth or reality by undermining it; the Secret X-Men and the Secret Avengers just can't help but leave calling cards anytime they are on-site. It's pretty easy to figure out who was leading that covert ops team that took out your space base if they used trick arrows, left adamantium claw slashes all over the place or had some tall uber-Amazon yelling about Valhalla and honor. Wolverine is going to end up destroying his school on his own by drawing attention to it via paradoxically trying to defend it secretly.

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No they're not secret