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The wheels of time turned…. the pages of the calendar flipped…and Icarus watched it all intently. Because on October 13, 2012, Icarusflies would be at New York Comic Con. Everything was set…the bags were packed. But this time would be different…because this would be…A ROAD TRIP!!!

That Friday, DeviouslyChartreuse’s (formerly Booster Gold and Ice) mom pulled up at Icarusflies’ house. Icarus raced outside with an enormous duffle bag that would have held an entire family’s belongings for a week. The enormous duffle bag was mostly full of comics. And a stuffed Cthulhu.

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In the car, Icarus revealed her collection of H.P. Lovecraft themed radio shows. They listened to the Dunwich Horror and The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Icarus acted as a translator, translating New English-->Normal English. Then Icarus fell asleep and everyone had to fend for themselves through the seas of ‘Ayuh’s.

After several hours of ‘are we there yet?!?’, [No.] ‘Can we have burgers?’, [Fine] ‘Cthulhu, more like NOPE’, […] and ‘OH MY GOD WHERE’S THE TRAIL MIX?!’ […] Icarus & co arrived in New York. They promptly left all the bags for the responsible adults to deal with, and stared at the sign for a nearby salon. DeviouslyChartreuse’s sister (who shall be referred to as Porrim for the purposes of this blog) knew of a magical salon sign that offered ‘pedicures, blow-dries, perms’ and….MANCURES’. Not manicures. MANCURES. Eventually everyone somehow ended up in the proper hotel rooms. Icarus placed Squishthulhu in the most inconvenient place possible, and then everyone went to sleep.


Icarus, Porrim, and DeviouslyChartreuse had to be reminded to use their inside voices. But….COMIC CON!!! They had all woken up about three hours early out of sheer excitement. It did end up taking about that long for everyone to get all suited up and ready to go. The elevator ride to the lobby was the most awkward ever for a bunch of random guests.


At the convention, the three intrepid explorers raced around like a whirlwind. After leaving Porrim in the care of the Homestucks, Icarus and DeviouslyChartreuse met up with one of DC’s friends and set off to attend a Buffy panel. On the way there, they ran into…

Comic Vine’s very own Babs! Icarus promptly crushed Babs with a gigantic hug. (It was great to see you Babs!) They chatted for a minute or so, but Babs had to go interview Paul Dini, and there was that panel that…was completely abandoned, because Babs revealed that Grant Morrison was in the show room! Signing stuff! Icarus and DC didn’t need to be told twice.

After a brief panel transition, they were at the Legendary booth. Through some miracle, there was hardly any line. Icarus was SOOOOOOO excited, because Grant was one of the quintessential Animal Man writers, and Icarus had cosplayed Animal Man! And she had met Grant before (at SDCC) and he’s a really nice guy. DC was SOOOOOOO excited because she had never met Grant and he’s her favorite writer.

Icarus made DeviouslyChartreuse’s friend (who for the purpose of this article shall be called ‘Jojo’) carry all her stuff. DC made Jojo carry all HER stuff. Jojo was not consulted as to whether he would LIKE to carry all this stuff.

Icarus got to meet Grant Morrison. First thing he said: “Nice costume!” Yesssss! Then Icarus asked if Grant would be willing to sort of act out a scene from the end of Animal Man. Grant played Grant. Icarus played Animal Man. This is the result:

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Then Icarus and Grant talked for a bit, Grant signed some of Icarus’ books, Grant said he liked Icarus’ lemur, and it was great.

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DeviouslyChartreuse then got to meet Grant Morrison! She got a hug, and Grant signed her books. It was great.

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Jojo got to meet Grant Morrison. He still had Icarus’ and DC’s stuff.

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After that, there was about half an hour solely devoted to spazzing out over how great Grant Morrison is.

Then, to Artist’s Alley! Icarus stopped and chatted with former Tiny Titans artist, Franco, while DeviouslyChartreuse and Jojo went to meet The Saddest Man in the Universe. Icarus isn’t entirely sure who that is, but he sounded sad. He drew DC a dog. Franco drew Icarus Animal Man.

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They met up again, and headed over to see if DeviouslyChartreuse could commission Amanda Palmer. While they were waiting Icarus saw….G-MAN!!!! She promptly ran over and almost flying tackled him.

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They chatted, and then Icarus saw a Guy Gardner cosplayers, and this ensued:

After running around Artist’s Alley for a little while, Icarus, DC, and Jojo headed over to the New52 panel. Scott Snyder stole the show. Wow.

Back on the show floor, Icarus had been getting a lot of attention for her Animal Man costume. Lots of Buddy Baker fans walked up to her, told her how she was the only Animal Man they had seen, and that the Cosplay had made their day. One cosplayers in particular, a Phoenix-Force Cyclops, was super-enthusiastic. Icarus ran into him again later, and he yelled ‘I STILL LOVE YOU ANIMAL MAN!’. DC and Jojo were getting similar reactions from Jojo’s Adventure fans.

That afternoon it was time for action-figure hunting. Icarus was determined to get an Animal Man action figure. DeviouslyChartreuse was determined to get a Martian Manhunter action figure. It took a while, but they succeeded!!! Jojo found a Martian Manhunter WITH A CHOCO for DC. Icarus found an Animal Man/B’wana Beast pack, which she was given a discount on either due to her being Animal Man, or because as Animal Man she had taken her lemur (Horatio’s) cuteness powers and used them for evil. Evil being discounts.

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While action-figure hunting, they ran into…Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! Formerly Maxwell Lord and Maxwell Lord, old friends met at a previous convention.

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A little while later, our heroes were waiting to meet some friends. It was a yearly tradition, when a bunch of people would go to dinner after the convention and generally just confuse the heck out of everyone in New York. Four Booster Gold/Blue Beetles showed up. They had cookies. There were photoshoots. It was amazing.

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Eventually, the gang left to find some food. They were led by Hipster Magneto, John Constantine, and Spider Jerusalem. Dinner ended up being held at a Korean food court, which had the most amazing sticky buns. Sitting at Icarus, Deviously Chartreuse, and Jojo’s table was one of the people who had worked on Skyrim! He was uncredited, but wrote a lot of Cicero’s dialogue.

From left to right (counterclockwise): Icarus, DC, Cicero, Spider-Jerusalem
From left to right (counterclockwise): Icarus, DC, Cicero, Spider-Jerusalem

After dinner, everyone left to go sing some karaoke. They tried three different places, but since several members of the group were under 21, and the karaoke bars were, well, bars, they weren’t let in. This was a great loss to karaoke everywhere. So everyone just ended up standing on the street talking until Icarus and DeviouslyChartreuse were picked up by DC’s parents.


Everyone was pretty tired on Sunday, but that didn’t stop screeching like a rhesus monkey upon waking up and realizing…COMIC CON WAS STILL THERE!!! Back to the convention, where the day was spent wandering the convention center. While there, they ran into Cicero again! Unfortunately, they still did have to get home. So at an unreasonably early hour, Icarus and DeviouslyChartreuse (and Porrim, who had been hiding with the Supernaturals that day) left the convention and got into the car.

Where they all promptly fell asleep for five hours.

It was amazing.


An Evolve or Die T-shirt

Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery

Comic Vine stickers + pins (THANK YOU G-MAN!!!!). One of these is on Icarus’ computer as she’s typing this.

Animal Man + B’wana Beast action figures

Court of Owls mask

Battle Pug stickers

Animal Man sketch

Grant Morrison signed Animal Man and Doom Patrol books.

(Doom Patrol has now been signed by the artist, author and inker! Yay!)


Even more in the gallery!

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10Gallery image 11Gallery image 12Gallery image 13Gallery image 14Gallery image 15Gallery image 16Gallery image 17Gallery image 18Gallery image 19Gallery image 20Gallery image 21Gallery image 22Gallery image 23Gallery image 24
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How awesome are you? :) Much I say! You definitely had fun it seems.

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Hooray! So glad you got to meet Grant! :D

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Glad it went so well! sounds like you had TONES of fun!

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: NO

@RedheadedAtrocitus: :D Thank you! I had a fantastic time!

@Babs: Thanks so much for telling me where he was!!!!

@anusharma05: Thanks!

@The Poet: Yeah! :D

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Awesome stuff master, oh and love the stuffed. Chuttlu

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Wonderful report, what a fantastic experience for everyone involved. Thanks for sharing ^_^

Also: Stuffed Cthulu! Wow, he's amazing!

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Very cool!

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Hooray for Icarusfiles, and for Zoidberg too...

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I hate Cosplay. That Animal Man Costume is pretty Damn cool though, maybe I just hate non-comics cosplay. stupid Jedi.

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awesome sauce  

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@EdwardWindsor: Thanks!

@BumpyBoo: Thanks for reading! And yes, Squishthulhu is the squishiest. :)

@MissyMoxie: Thanks!

@StMichalofWilson: Zoidberg...my mortal nemesis! >shakes tentacle at him<

@turoksonofstone: Haha, I'll take that as a real complement then! :D

Darn jedi. Always foiling my evil schemes. >_>

@Jonny_Anonymous: Thanks!

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It seems like you had a really great time. It is awesome you got to see G-man. Every single time I go to a convention I never get the chance to see them

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The New 52 features...Animal woman!

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you met Grant Morrison Again [ very Meta my dear , very very Meta ^_^ ] so did you run into Robotman , Crazy Jane or the Dorthy Spinner XD ?

either way that is a rad gathering at the con .

oh and nice swag .

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@haydenclaireheroes: Yeah, I had an amazing time. :)

And someday you will run into G-Man!!!

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: YEEAAAAAH!!! :D

@J1ml33: Aw man, I wish! That would have been fantastic! And thank you! :)

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This Blog post has so much WIN! (Sorry I am just now going through all of my internet buddies' blogs and catching up.)

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@sora_thekey: No problem, glad you like it. ^_^