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Ok so I made a few threads over the weekend with various announcements from some of the big companies, of course I put mostly DC and Marvel but there was also a little Aspen and Wildstorm.

So I think that with so many threads and announcements, along with a few other things someone may lose a few interesting or annoying things.

So here's a little summary of all threads I made along with the links with the full story for the ones that want to read it all and get as much as they can from the news

(Please post lol)

Ok so let's start


With Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates the writers that are writing and coordinating the entire franchise talking about how each one of them will potray the characters of the different books.

Rucka is writing the new Nightwing & Flamebird in Action Comics

James Robinson is writing "Superman" which will feature the Guardian, Mon-el, Black Lightning, Steel and Zatara trying to fill the space that Superman left now that he moved to New Krypton.

Sterling Gates will write Supergirl on her title and focus in big ways on Superwoman and Alura.

Geoff Johns will work on Superman: Secret Origins with Gary Frank, a miniseries with no release date announced yet (though it was announced months ago) in which like Green Lantern he'll give a definitive origin to Superman while setting the things for the big storyline to come.

Superman: World of New Krypton will be co-written by both Rucka and Robinson and is ironically the only book of the franchise that will actually feature the man of steel. It's 12 issue maxi-series that will focus on Superman as he tries to fit in his reborn homeplanet.



Batman and his allies were probably the franchise that got the most announcements, the complete line of the Batman books starting on June (month after Battle for the cowl ends) was revealed, not only that but they also mentioned some of the writers and artists of those projects.

The titles that will represent the Batman universe:

Batman (Morrison will return as the regular writer)
- Batman and Robin
- Red Robin
- Outsiders (
Peter J. Tomasi art by Lee Garbett & Trevor Scott)
- Batgirl
- Batman: The Streets of Gotham
- Gotham City Sirens
(with implications being that Catwoman would be part of the book)
-  Detective Comics (Written by Greg Rucka, art by J.H. Williams) first arc features Batwoman.

And although they didn't say in which comic they would work, Didio announced that Fabian Nicieza, Tony Daniel, Dustin Nyugen and Paul Dini (he may be in two projects) will still take part in the batman franchise



Bendis talks about the cancellation/reboot of Ultimate Spider-man


Ultimate Avengers

Mark Millar talks about his new title "Ultimate Avengers" after the events of Ultimatum


Final Crisis: Aftermath

Didio announced the four miniseries that will spin out of Final Crisis



Daken has not only taken the costume his father uses in Wolverine Origins, he has also taken his main book out of him. In June you see Wolverine being renamed "Dark Wolverine" with a new creative team and a new lead character.


Fantastic Four

Jonathan Hickman (Secret Warriors) and Dale Eaglesman (Justice Society of America) were announced by Quesada as the new creative team for the Fantastic Four series once Millar and Hitch leave the comic. Their run starts in September.


Edit: Adventure Comics

The creative team for the reboot of the classical title was announced, it's the team of Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul


Edit: Watchmen/Terminator: Salvation panel

Not much really happened here although it had the first 20 minutes of the Watchmen movie displayed


Young Avengers

The Young Avengers are returning in a miniseries named "Dark Reign: Young Avengers" in which they have to take their name back from a group of young super powered imposters who now claim to be the young avengers.


The Hood

The Hood is getting a new miniseries that ties to his involvement in the Dark Reign.


Doom Patrol

The Doom Patrol will be back in a new ongoing written by veteran writer Keith Giffen.


Animal Man

Surprisingly Animal Man is supposed to get a new ongoing, something he hadn't had since Morrison's aclaimed Vertigo series in the eighties.

No creative team announced


Wildstorm universe

Various new series and miniseries announced, some of them resident evil, gears of war, etc.



A new series named Dellec with an interesting concept behind it was announced.


What if you discovered all the evil on Earth wasn't caused by Satan, but was instead a creation of God?

In the new Aspen series Dellec, being announced at New York Comic Con, one man will discover that servants of God are creating evil on Earth. It's all part of God's plan to create enough disaster and fear on Earth that people will worship him.

Worth to mention: Each issue will cost 2.49


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What about Ghost Rider? Was Jason Aaron there?

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Esther Cotillard LeBeau said:
"Not that I saw.
I spent most of my time in the DCU though.
Damn, Jason Aaron is the man.

So will we see vids of you and SH going around the DCU area? :P
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i'm pretty upset with the direction they're taking the ultimate line....why does joe q feel he has to mess around with stuff that's doing well

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was the ultimate universe going well? lol

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lol he actually looked like a nice guy in a video interview I saw lol

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God I hate Joe Q.

I know this will get some bad replies but this guy should be in charge of Marvel..

No Caption Provided

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Kirby' sidekick?

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Nighthunter said:
"was the ultimate universe going well? lol"

there are a whole lot of books doing worse then the ultimate books....especially spider-man
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danhimself said:

they were the few books that i felt were free of joe q's influence and i loved the way you could read just one of them and be fine but if you read all of them then they all just interconnected so well

Read Ghost Rider.

I recommend it, Seems Joey has'nt messed with it.
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Something I find funny is taht it probably was the only title that I didn't hear anything in comic con, seems strange